Arsène Wenger


German, french, japanese, english and?


Spanish and Italian…

Smart guy.


Gobbledygook :grinning:


Shame he isn’t that smart when it comes to football :xhaka:


He is. He just gets let down a lot by players


A lot of players he buys, he coaches and he persists with.
If players are letting him down, get rid of them or play someone who won’t let you down.
It’s that easy.


Yes the faith he has in some players can be a weakness, but I think he finally realised that after the Leicester title win


Exactly. Show to be ruthless.


The Wenger in narrative: if the team play well it’s because of Wenger’s coaching. If they play badly it’s because the players let Wenger down.


In my most I was mainly referring to the team that let Leicester won the title. Flamini, Campbell got a lot of games. Walcott and Giroud were awful 2nd half of season and of course we didn’t sign an outfield player. Lack of ruthlessness is Wenger’s fault, but those players have to take responsibility too as they got faith at a club that probably isn’t their level, so they could’ve performed much better


Oh yeah, I know. I wasn’t just referring to you. The players letting him down thing just reminded me of stuff i’d seen on Twitter.

I agree that the players should shoulder some of the blame. No manager can control a player all of the time or constantly hold their hand. But he can organise them better and certainly in some games, his tactics have let us down.


Agreed, I’m not really on either side AKB or WOB I’ve said a few times, but I’ll always have respect and like the aura about AW


Luca genuinely baffled at the idea of taking a distance from events.

In other news, it rains a lot in England and Messi is good at football.


First of all, fuck off :wink:

Second, it is too hot in Andalucia.

Third, it just sounds strange to me, nothing more. It’s like he doesn’t want to get involved in something he is truly in.


Riddle time

8:2, 6:3, 5:1, 4:0, 6:0, 5:1, 5:1, 5:1, 4:0

What’s the answer?


Wenger Out.


Man United, Man City, Liverpool, Southampton. Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich & Liverpool. Are they the opponents ? I lose track these days lol


The answer to the problem is wengerout. Jakey already got it :smiley:


There was also a 4-4, which was even more unacceptable.


I gave that solution to people years ago on this forum, back then most posters ridiculed me for it.