Arsène Wenger


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You’re right, my mistake.
It isn’t close to the truth.
It is just the truth.


Thank you for your loyalty to Mr. Wenger and Theo Walcott, your lifetime membership of Arsene Football Club was just renewed.


And your lifetime subscription to Sheeple magazine was just renewed. Damn I’m good :joy:


it isnt.


I would argue it isn’t far from the truth, at least the last couple of renewals… yes, there is more of a power struggle than ever before under AW’s reign, but it is pretty clear that the board do not have an appetite for forcing him out, at least not at this stage… yes, it is an exaggeration to say AW has 100% control, but if they perpetually offer him renewal, it is pretty much his decision.

My guess is that this is I hope his last rodeo and depending on how things go, he could find himself with a more “forced” transition than he wants, but I would not be entirely surprised if we miss out on CL and yet he still gets another offer to stay for another year or two - bottom line is they HAVE to figure out the succession plan while he is in place and there is little evidence that they are proactive enough in that regard.


I only subscribe porn sites, not any other… :wenger:

Man, are you still living in the 90’s??
“Magazine” was like something 20 years ago???


Wenger hasn’t been under any pressure from the board, all he has to do is sign a new contract every few seasons, which he does.

It is unique amongst football managers that even after poor results, poor performances, repeating the same mistakes, being criticised by ex players and pundits, losing his best players and watching the team stagnate, he still gets offered a new contract.

Until our board show some ambition this will keep happening, because Wenger is going nowhere until he decides otherwise.


The whole British core thing has been laughable since the first ever time it was mentioned.


We’ll see how it goes at Spurs but I think they’ll be the death of the idea.

The whole point wasn’t to have British players because they’re awesome, my understanding was that they’re not attached to foreign clubs or leagues and they’re lazy and don’t want to go abroad, and if you have them long enough and try and force some loyalty into them they might just stay, like Spaniards seem to stay at Barca/Madrid forever or Germans spend forever at Bayern.

But even at Spurs and when they’re doing reasonably well, Walker’s already forced his way out and Rose looked like he was happy to go for a decent offer. There’s talk of Dele Alli to Madrid every week it seems but if not Madrid he may get chased by someone and it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a serious attempt to turn Kane’s head. I don’t see half of this Spurs British Core being at Spurs in 4 years time.


Spaniards and Germans stays forever at Barca/Real and Bayern, because they are winning clubs.

The reasoning that those players who left, because of nationality (or money) reasons and being linked to another foreign League/club is fault logic. And quite delusional if Wenger truely believed that. They left because we just couldn’t provide a winning environment anymore.

Btw. Players leaving us has been something of any time; Overmars, Petit, Anelka, Henry, Vieira.


Can someone explain why he always talks about the “distance we have to take from the events”? It’s like he doesn’t give a fuck!


Probably bollocks but a nice thought none the less.


Complete bollox but I will clutch to straws where I can.




I hope he thanks the ref instead this time :grin:


Can’t criticize him today. He fired the team up very well.


The players finally listened to Wenger for once and were nice and organized. I’m pretty sure this is how he would like the guys to play week in week out, in fact we shoulda beat City as we played a pretty similar game but got fucked by refs. Everything is fine with Wenger bar his really really terrible judgement in the market as of late. Skimping on money we wind up with guys like Xhaka who costed 35m but like 10 years ago woulda been like 5 or 10m at most. Lack of technical ability has cost us.


If only there was some way he could communicate to them during a match when they aren’t following his carefully laid down instructions.


Fuck, he speaks seven or eight languages, doesn’t he? You’d think he’d get something across to them.