Arsène Wenger


Yeah I definitely think this is the case, at least until the next renewal… only thing I can hope is that the football gods align and the French post opens up just in time for him to say “ok, next stop for me” and we only have this year and next to wait.


This. No chance of him leaving soon. He is just addicted to us.
Where would he go?


Mods this constant talk of Wenger being a dictator and all the assumptions of what goes on at board level, is so incredibly boring at this point. Can you please ban these trolls?


A departure after a possible Europa League win will be the best for all parties involved.


Oh the irony!
Has Wenger ever done something wrong for you?


Of course he’s seeing out the remainder of his contract. Arsenal don’t spend on anything they don’t have to, so they won’t be paying him out. Moreso the flack they’ll recieve for deciding to keep him, only to get rid a year later is something they don’t want.


If you’re happy to get banned too, sure :slight_smile:


Seeing out his contract or not, does not matter anymore, the damage is done.
Arsenal is now a Europa and FA Cup team.

Approved and confirmed by Kroenke, Gazidis, the board, and the diehard AKBs.


Oh i thought that’s how it worked though, if you don’t like someones opinion just plead for their banning to the mods to make this place nice and sanitary for your own opinion, my bad!


Seems those comments really got to you snowflake



One of us one of us one of us


I feel like this has been said about the FA cup by most people over the last 4 years, but Wenger isn’t leaving.


Fuck the cup.

Maybe if we finish 5th again and Sanchez/Ozil both leave and he might win his first European trophy, ever, he might realise it’s time.


You could be right.
In fact he could do a Ferguson and leave us with an old squad going nowhere, with no chance of getting back in the top four places, knowing that the world class players we have won’t be here either.

This is the only possible reason I can think of his lack of activity in the transfer market.


Or…you could say his successor starts with a clean slate without the presence of Sanchez/Ozil with lower expectations too build something up.


“Wenger’s vision” LOL


none of this is close to the truth.


Jack, tragedy
Theo, shit
Ramsey, well… not as shit as Theo
Gibbs, shit
Jenks, another tragedy

Overall rating… tragedy


Yeah a guy scoring or assisting once every 120 minutes of game time is shit. Lol ok mr football scout.