Arsène Wenger


Still hanging on to the Sterling thing too…


Just shut up Wenger


He’s just embarrassing.
We didn’t deserve to win, it was a penalty and it’s just pathetic that he blames everything on everyone except himself.


As he rightfully should tbh. The supposed best team of all time could only manage one actual goal off our leaky defense and the the other two had to be gifted to them by the officials.

But seriously Wenger is a senile old fraud doesn’t he know that the league has the best officials and they are always making the best decisions? The officials should never be scrutinized they are perfect absolutely no need for VAR in the PL.


Said Wenger after the game.


So i take this to mean you aren’t a proponent of VAR?


I am, but what is Wenger going to do with his ready made excuse of blaming the referee.

Is he going to actually admit he is wrong after losing a game?


Then i don’t wanna hear shit about Wenger complaining about the officiating if you are gonna do it too. Btw this is an interview where he’s very clearly been asked a question, he didn’t call a press conference to make a speech about how the officials fucked us…once again costing is about 6 or 7 points already this season.


The referee has given him the perfect excuse not to talk about our mistakes. He couldn’t truly wait for it.


I’ve literally not seen a single person say that.


Lots of posts about their goal scoring record and how amazing pep is. So only scoring on a cech mistake and two gifts from the officials against lowly arsenal, not that impressive.


I don’t care about that. I was just responding to the bit of your post I quoted.


VAR is giving the penalty ffs.


If I was the VAR I wouldn’t have given it. And I don’t just mean cos of my bias.


Yeah but they also had an offside goal that killed off the game when we were looking very capable of scoring a second goal. The penalty is just a shitty call by the ref I don’t think Var is overriding that because there is contact, but it’s not a pen.


I don’t know if it would Be done this way but the free kick city took quickly to put sterling through on goal absolutely shouldn’t have been given

Also if VAR gave City that penalty then we would have had a pen against Liverpool, 2 against stoke and 1 in the Watford game too



Bah… typical manager-speak, but AW knows better… he is safe until the end of his contract… he just better not f*ing get renewed… the question is how to handle the transition year in terms of communication and recruitment for replacement, etc…


As he says, “it’s quite simple.”

The board ask him if he feels he should stay, Wenger tells them, and they have their answer.

The only person reviewing the manager’s position is Wenger himself.


Of course he’ll see out his contract. And the next contract. And the one after that.

With Mugabe on his way out, the path is clear for Wenger to become the world’s longest serving dictator