Arsène Wenger


No that was Senderos, Toure, Campbell, Eboue, Cole and Flamini all at various times


No lol


Oh it was senderos my mistake, Thanks @Electrifying


Easy mistake to make. We had so many shit options then, it’s a miracle that that record was ever set.


Johan knows whats up. I see him all the time on Instagram and Twitter cheering on the current Arsenal lads, he’s a propper fan tbh more than I can say for most of you. Of course any outpouring of support from a former player or someone in the news, and it’s met here with derision. What a fucking surprise. Mods you should do something about these boring boring trolls. I think @InvincibleDB10 should come out of that boring old git character he’s always playing.

On a different note take a look at @Ocke 's avatar. See this is the shit i’m talking about. What an embarrassment to the great club we support. If you constantly disparage your own club and talk poorly of it, how will other supporters react? It’s just stupid, we need more self respect as a fan base. Sad.


Mods If you temp ban Luca to “give the forum a break” can you do it for him aswell.


Your the reason this club is in the state it’s in. Like I said, North Korea would suite you fine mr Yes-man. I know your just trolling but your honestly dull as fuck.


No fuck you, I have an opinion you little snowflake. Welcome to the real world where you have to live side by side with people who don’t share the same opinions as you. Cri everytiem QQ. It’s a brave new world mods ban people for having an alternative opinion!!

Talk about boring, people calling me a troll when I am just speaking my opinion. Nobody is trolling here. Ya know what though I understand the pain, because you guys are already low on self esteem as it is, must hurt to have someone call you guys on ur nonsense bullshit.


I think the words “proper fan” probably don’t apply to someone who earned millions very season he was here, from real supporters wages
A proper fan is someone who had to tolerate his mediocrity and Wenger’s persistence with him.


He’s not on the payroll anymore yet he is always cheering on the team. Honestly a lot better supporter than 99% of ppl here.


At least I’m not on a Internet forum arguing how everything is fine no matter what :rofl:
Is my picture better btw? More to your liking I hope :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sorry you didn’t get the irony of it.


Has never and will never happen.


Lol I thought I understood it but im pretty dumb tbh so maybe it went over my head. But yeah I love the new one Ocke, i still love u man forgive me for being a dick :heart:


As I said, he has earned millions from supporters who pay a large amount of their wages to put millions into his bank account.
That’s a bit of a stretch to say he is a proper fan isn’t it really?


No sweat man :grin:Im a bit dickish tbf. We might not always agree, but I still like and respect you. :kissing_heart:


I was thinking “WTFs wrong with a Lisa Simpson avatar” then I saw it was an Arsenal one (then finally saw it was changed). Then I went into another thread and saw Lisa Simpson avatar and that’s when I knew I was mixing up the O Swedes.

What was the ‘offending’ (:stuck_out_tongue: ) avatar then?


Haha. Yeah we swedes are all the same.
This was the avatar: F1EADC20-7CA1-4B9E-AFFC-A48DEEEA1A76


Ah yes, of course. :joy: That avatar was brilliant, you should bring it back!


If that’s an Arsenal cannon it would probably miss anyway :grin:


He is right, but still, a bit of pot and kettle going on here