Arsène Wenger


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Arsenal look a lot like a team that was built from whatever (best) parts they could buy at the time rather than a team which was purpose built for a specific style of play. And Dixon is spot on that Wenger’s teams don’t seem to know what to do when they don’t have the ball. It’s because Wenger doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of what he wants this team to be.


Wenger’s transfer strategy perfectly described there by Dixon.


How much do people think Arsene Wenger has tarnished is legacy by staying on say 5 years too long ? Also will your opinion change if he signs another contract beyond 2019 when this current deal ends ?


If he does he will probably snipered by a crazed arsenal fan i dont think some people would be able to take that.


Things are bad enough as is. No need to depress ourselves further by thinking about how fucked things might be in two years time.


No because i’ve already accepted that he will sign a new contract. I’ve come to terms with the fact that he’ll still be our manager when Prince George becomes king!


The most meaningful discussion in the Arsene Wenger thread in at least 18 months.


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I would agree myself if I too was an average football player, who instead of being released was given a new contract.


I’m not surprised Djourou agrees with Wenger.
He was playing first team football for a top European club because the manager couldn’t be bothered to get a proper CB to replace him.
It’s as if Wenger’s PR agent is going around trying to get ex players to defend him.
Why are we seeing these players coming out and defending him recently?
When you have to get a player of Djourou’s limited ability, you are really scraping the barrel.


Djourou was given the contract when he was in a good form and playing well for us.
He was only first choice for a short period and remained a squad player for a long time.

When we had better options, he was promptly loaned out and sold.


I just want you to know that in the 10 years he spent at Arsenal he never once warranted any form of contract extension. He was always a howler waiting to happen.


He wasn’t a great CB but was lucky that he was also in the same squad as Squillaci, Senderos and Sylvestre which made him look marginally better.
Our CB position then was about as bad as I’ve seen at the club.


For a small part of 10-11 he and Koscielny had a decent spell as a partnership tbh. Agree with what you said though


Was djourou not part of the defence that to this day holds he record for amount of time without conceding a goal in the CL?