Arsène Wenger


Either that or admit your mum is ugly


I love the logical leap from mum (Arsène) to club. :joy:


Analogies in football :neutral_face:


Might be getting time to mute this thread.


What’s exactly the problem with saying your mum is ugly?


The problem is when you agree with some random (or even maybe an ingrate brother) that your mum is ugly instead of pointing out all the things that are good about your mother regardless of how horrific she looks


any manager that manages arsenal are arsenal until they are no longer manager, You assume that I won’t (not wouldn’t because it will happen) defend whoever our next manager is in just the same way when inevitably he dosent match up to the expectations everyone will have


Yeah. But Wenger, if we follow the analogy, is currently not a good mum. That’s the whole issue.


But what if your mom used to be beautiful but now has fucking leprosy? Can you not tell her she’s fucking ugly instead of pretending that you don’t notice that shit on her face and watching old youtube videos of her once glorious but now nearly forgotten beauty?


Well you could point out that despite how horrible she looks Dad said she can still suck a mean one

Or you could point out all the things that make her perfect to you regardless of her looks


Depends how you look at it, Just because you are not the best mum, if you were in the top 4 mums in your kids class (maybe even breifly 5 after some ritch parents moved into your area) of 30 can you really be classed as a bad mum?


This is still going. :joy:


What if ur mom is like super hot but has a bad personality?


that’s the Jose mouriniho of mums, I’d be looking at adoption ASAP


Lol! I can support Arsenal and criticize us at the same time. What’s wrong with it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nothing in moderation, but then if all you do is criticise your mum (arsenal) without vocalising why you love her regardless of how ugly she is or whatever then your being a bad son


Jesus Christ how fucked up was your upbringing?


It’s all hypothetical, just pointing out that you could do that if your mum had lepricy or whatever


Ur parents never talk about getting down and dirty?


In my experience it’s not a wise idea to let a @Leper suck you off