Arsène Wenger


What does that even mean?
It’s as if someone has made up a random sentence and posted it.
What has it got to do with Wenger and the club?


Have you honestly never come across the line of thinking that your supposed to defend something you love regardless of how true the critisism might be in your eyes you still think it’s great?

Do you not see how the tweet I posted is a slightly silly play on this concept?


I think he is implying that anyone who doesn’t want a manager who is running our club into the ground, is a complete dick.


The difference is you can’t replace your mother and there is not much you can do about her looks.

But relentlessly defending someone who is continually making the same mistakes should be criticised.
How can anything get better if everyone just goes along with it and never complains about it?
If he is happy earning 10m a season he should also be big enough to take the criticism when he isn’t doing his job properly.


Did things getting better when wenger took over have anything do do with you or fans complaining?

You me or any other arsenal fan have about as much chance of replacing our ugly mothers as you do of replacing the manager


I love the maturity found on this forum


There was a lot of discontentment at the Graham’s tactics and his overly defensive approach, and there was obviously a lot of supporters against what Rioch was doing.
The board knew this, and conveniently Graham was involved in a bung, and he was gone, closely followed by the out of his depth Rioch.

You might be right.
But that is an appalling situation where the people who are the club, and who pay the wages, have no say in what should happen


This just isn’t true, we used to have the whole stadium singing “boring boring arsenal” celebrating our reputation for being that type of team


It’s massively true actually.


Arsenal fans were absolutely known to take pleasure in being know as boring please don’t try and argue that isn’t the case

“One nil, to the arsenal”. One of the most iconic football songs going spesificly celebrates our reputation of being boring 1-0 win merchants ffs


I think you’re half right. I don’t really remember much of GG’s tenure as I was only a kid. By all accounts he was a great manager for us – put us back on the map, so to speak. And some even argue that the 90/91 season was better than the Invincibles. But from what I’ve read and what my relatives have told me, while winning was great – the 1-0s included, by the end it was getting a bit stale and a lot of fans were frustrated at the tactics. And in his last half a season, we weren’t even boring, we were shit!


Yeah some might, and some people think the moon is made out of cheese


Not really sure why you’re dismissing that opinion. It’s not my opinion by the way. I wasn’t there for 90/91. But plenty of people believe that season/team was the best we’ve had. It’s not that wild a view.


Plenty yeah? I’d be very supprised if any higher that about 1/2 percent off all arsenal fans on he entire planet think that team was better


I see what they were getting with that mother analogy but looking beyond the obvious (perhaps reasonable) headline message, it loses all credibility with me, other than raising a depressing point.

I suspect that they were trying to explain ‘unconditional love’, but that sentiment usually gets used when talking about your kids. The fact that this guy confidently went for ‘mother’ shows that he is about 14 and therefore has limited perspective at best, certainly not enough to consider displacing my own 30 years worth of fanaticism. And I use that word deliberately in case anyone doesn’t realise that’s what a ‘fan’ means.

Choose to support your club in whichever way you want, but without a thread of underlying pride, support just becomes a chore born out of habitual devotion.

I don’t take saying this at all lightly but as proud as I am of our history, the style of football we (used to) play, our nurturing of young talents, our financial prudence, etc, etc, I can honestly say that at this point in time I’m not proud to be an Arsenal fan. We’re a fucking laughing stock.

I’m not saying that we need to win every week and lift multiple trophies every season, but I want the club to at least try. Is that really too much to ask?


So bloody pedantic. Plenty doesn’t mean a majority. It just means a lot of people. God, you’re hard work. I know people who have said the 90/91 team was better than the 2004 team. I know people who have said the 2004 team was better. Maybe accept that your opinion isn’t gospel, yeah? You can’t speak for all Arsenal fans.


Only when we were winning the League title.
It was an ironic chant because I can remember most supporters were fed up with the one dimensional way Graham set up his teams.
I can assure you that when Graham was sacked the majority of supporters weren’t against it.
That also went for Rioch as well.

So in answer to your original question, “Did things getting better when wenger took over have anything do do with you or fans complaining?” the answer would appear to be yes.


I think you conclusion is coloured by your current stance personally, Their were more complaints that we signed some random French bloke from the Japanese league than their were people that wanted Bruce reoch sacked


It’s a similar situation now.
people want change because they are fed up with the predictability of every season and every underwhelming transfer window.
I’m not saying the supporters would swap Wenger for Allardyce or Pulis, but a lot wouldn’t mind us seeing a manager coming in who wasn’t necessarily a household name but was something different, like spurs did with Pochettino.

It can’t be any worse than what’s going on with Wenger.
It is inconceivable that anyone still thinks that he is still the best man to take us forward when it’s clear we are heading in the opposite direction.


So we should just shut the fuck up!?