Arsène Wenger


Troopz :joy::joy: always try and see who his ham roll of the week is every Monday.


Arsenal fan Tv :xhaka:


After the end of the 2014-15 season when Wenger stumbled upon the Cazorla-Coquelin combination accidentally and we went on a run, his actions that summer proved to me that he had become senile and we were fucked.

The idea that we then only added Petr Cech to that team and finished second to Liecester in a season where all of our usual rivals were in transition, that’s a disgrace that I will never forgive him for. It was his last chance to win it again and he totally cocked it up.


At the end of this season we will see the worst transfer window Wenger has had.
The reason we almost broke even in the last window is because Wenger knows that Ozil and Sanchez are leaving and he will need to spend to placate the supporters.

The window we bought Cech was followed by a big spending, if not very good window, when we bought Xhaka and Mustafa, that was followed by another rubbish window when we only bought Lacazette, but still managed a net spend of very little.

So, following this pattern, he will spend a lot in the next transfer window but the difference is, we will be the only top European club without a single world class player.
How does he expect to attract any top quality player here?

He has made this mess and I can’t see how he is going to get out of it.
The only viable excuse would be to say we aren’t able to compete with the big teams and struggling for a top four place is our level.



That is exactly the sort of supporter that Wenger and Kroenke love.
Don’t complain, don’t criticise, just give us your money.

Whoever wrote that Tweet is about as ambitious as Wenger and the board.


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Supporters like that would make awesome citizens of North Korea. Yes almighty leader. You are always right almighty leader. We have failed you almighty leader.


The whole fanbase should be wobs. Idiots like that guy calling himself one arsene wenger are the embarrassment of this football club. Actually cringing for him rn.



Embarrassing tweet.


Such an irrelevant and non-analogical comparison.


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To be honest I don’t find her perticularly attractive, I don’t look like her for a start

I’d just never agree with anyone that told me she wasn’t beautiful out of principal, same goes for arsenal, that’s how footballs fans should and mostly do behave


Yeah neither would most of us about our own mums.

Your point is completely invalid and ridiculous. Maybe stop before you embarrass yourself futher.


Freud would be proud of you.


This is the level AKBs have sunk to. You should be embarrassed to post such utter crap :joy:


It’s an obvious joke with some elements of truth that seems to have touched a few nerves lol


I can’t beleive what I have just read in the last 15 or so posts :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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