Arsène Wenger


It wasn’t a foul by ozil for the quick free kick they took seconds before the penalty though


To be fair, it is very easy to create misunderstanding when exchanging comments… we can’t explain too much when trying to comment in just one or a couple of sentences.

I thought Phoebica was talking about whom should be on the field and whom should not, no directly meaning of Coq taking the starting place of Laca.

Take it easy, pal.


If you don’t count finishing behind spurs and Liverpool dragging us down, then no.
But having the humiliation of watching spurs overtake us and play better football under a better manager with far less resources is unacceptable.

What circumstances?
We’re not paupers.
The club have around 200m of our money sitting in the bank.
If a reasonable job is no CL football, all your best players leaving and finishing behind all your rivals, then I’m unreasonable for wanting more.

This is the annoying thing.
Kroenke knows that you can’t support another team, and it’s one of the only business products where the consumer is a captive audience.


The last time I did it (since Wenger signed the extension), and mentioned here, you called me a glory hunter.


That’s because you started supporting another team entirely lmao. The opposite of love is indeference. Find a new hobby if ur so upset about a football team. Honestly it’s some cry baby bull shit get behind ur fucking “team” and stop being such self defeatist bitches. We’re at a disadvantage to some clubs yet we still go out and compete.


My action speaks for itself and the truth.

I did not support a “winner”… I just “went back” to support FC Koln, pretty much a “loser”, a team that I support since the 80’s. I don’t know how you could find anything “GLORY” from my decision.

In fact, I never left the Arsenal community (not just here), I just STOPPED buying Arsenal merchandise, stopped following closely to Arsenal games, but still follow the team and active on the team forums.
That’s the reason why I stop calling myself Arsenal fan but just an Arsenal follower.

You are just too easy to jump to conclusion and call people “glory hunter”, “keyboard warrior” without knowing the facts.


You are the ideal supporter for Wenger, Kroenke and the board.

Take everything that’s thrown at you and never complain, and always get behind the club, what ever happens.

But what you fail to realise is, we are the club, not Wenger, not Kroenke and not the board, the supporters are the club.
It’s our money that pay their wages and if we don’t like what they are doing then we have every right to complain.


What, did you think we would finish above spurs like forever, for the rest of time? Lulz Get ur head out of your ass these kinds of things happen in sports, things go in cycles. We should tip our hats to spurs for spending money wisely, putting together a decent team, and we should go out and get better and beat them on merit, not just because you’ve grown accustomed to finishing above spurs every year. Ironically because of Arsene Wenger you spoiled rotten “supporter”.

With the rest of it I’ve already said we could do better. The outrage at what we’ve done is a little farfetched pnly because we’ve spent about 5th and that’s where we’ve finished last season, sometimes higher as high as 2nd only two years ago. Plus we beat the teams in cup comps who are spendinf stupid copious amounts of money. It’s not as bad as the doom mongers make it out to be.

Ewww if that the case that’s sad. I’d never support a bunch of arrogant spoiled rotten brats who think they are owed trophies just for existing, one of the worst fanatics base in football right up there with lolpool. I’d much rather support a man like Wenger who’s a true leader, has integrity, holds his head up high whether he wins or loses, never quits, always goes out and gives his all to the club and fans in an attempt to bring them happiness, even though they don’t deserve based upon their actions.


just wanted to let you know that behind closed doors this isn’t the case. infact the ship is anything but sailing smoothly. don’t fall for the PR trap.


Which didn’t work.


I threw his name out there because he’s like the face of the board if you will. I also heard the rumblings that Gazidis wanted Wenger out but surely there are ppl there who defend Wenger to the end, the man keeps getting extensions.


The way you talk to others, you could be confused with being an “arrogant spoiled rotten brat.”

Wenger used to have integrity but since his refusal to accept any criticism or responsibility for his mistakes and then blame everyone, including the people that pay his wages, his integrity is almost non existent.

As for giving his all to the club, that is just nonsense, and that is why next season we will have no world class players.


Maybe his all just isn’t enough?


I wish he saw money in a positive way. He only sees it as a way to make a profit.


Entirely down to the owner im afraid! My knowledge is based on info from about 3 or 4 years ago though so obviously it could be different now.




The fans have been naughty so we get lumps of coal…bah humbug!


A year ago or so Gazidis said just this. When he talked about how Arsenal is not able to compete financially, has to be clever with the resources/talent development and taking Leicester as an example. But he isn’t CEO from a multi-million company for no reason. He just wrapped it differently. Enough reason to give up on Arsenal as a contender really.

Right now our football is just bad. The players we’re signing are, with a few exemptions, nothing to get excited about (and they don’t have to be all expensive world class talents). It’s just the same shit every season since 14/15. That’s the frustrating apart about it all.


Let’s just look at a classic example of Wenger’s brilliance. We are top of the league at Christmas, going into the New Year . A back up striker or an effective striker would have delivered us the Premier League title … and what does the cunt do ?
Signs a player on loan with a broken back .
Absolutely genius…
I hate to use the C word but he rattles me .