Arsène Wenger

To me Fergie & Wenger are like the wizards in Lord of the Rings.

Fergie is Soruman, the most powerful wizard there is but he’s ruthless and ultimately at the service of great evil.

Wenger is Gandalf, kind and generous and uninterested in gaining power but was forced to shouldered allot responsibly due to circumstances outside of his control.





Football fans love their my daddy strongest equivalent moments.


That assist from Vieira to Wright. :grinning:


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He looks just like a teacher…which I suppose he was.

that’s why his nickname was professor?

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imo: pontential good thing: it’ll probably be easier to score because you can get half a yard of advantage as the attacker.

potential bad thing: let this run for a while and everyone will try to do that and the exact same difficulty in ruling will be back, we just shifted the point of interest half a yard.


defences will have to learn how to move in a uniform high line when the opposition is attempting a mid-air through ball.

This could see games ending 6-5 more often though haha.

This is my main concern too, in terms of officiating a game, it doesn’t appear to make it easier or simpler.

It is a bad rule and doesn’t give any incentive to the defending team to play for offside. With modern game, it is required that teams play a high line and this gives so much advantage to attacker. Not only does the attacker have some sort of head start but defender also has to compensate for body turn.

Let it play out in lower league before we introduce it at the highest level.

It is good for me because we won’t see anymore offside because of a fucking fingernail or pubic hair or you have a hard on.

Exactly. That’s the way I see it.

Love Arsene but I still stand by my opinion that this rule is silly. Playing an offside trap with this in place wil be suicidal meaning team who play with a high line would have to rethink their tactics.

I think this rule will change the game quite a bit.