Arsene Wenger XI

Cool little feature on BBC Sport

I was surprised to have hardly picked any players from the second half of his reign, not even the likes of van Persie, Sanchez or Ozil

No Cashley?

Pretty much the same as Leper

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How is that surprising? Champions and invincibles vs chronic underachievers.


lol Almunia is not even a option.

The thing is though, Wenger didn’t buy Bergkamp…

Yes, i’m being that person, lol

Ah, it’s a played under Wenger XI

Oh this is too hard :grimacing:

I desperately want Ian Wright in that team as well, but you can’t shove Henry nor Bergkamp to the bench.

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Got to be one off the hardest teams to make with so much quality to choose from. Having to leave players like kanu, Wright, pirez our off the team


This is mine too

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found it quite easy tbh.


What a team!


Would you pick Cesc in yours?? Plus I always loved Winterburn.

There have been great players in that time though. Didn’t think I’d fail to include Ozil.

An impossible task, think I changed my mind about 5 times before settling. And even looking at it now, could change half the team almost.

I went more for players that Wenger either moulded or rejuvenated, with a bias for the Invincibles side. Hated leaving out Gilberto, Santi and Ozil but can’t fit them all in:

This was hard I could not pick between pores or carzola, but the small man won because of that in my opinion he adapted his game to become such a pivitol midfielder for us

Indeed, Cazorla was hard to leave out. Very few players raised the overall level of the team like he did, we were so much better whenever he was in the side.

Unfortunately, yes. Mines the same as yours except Cashley for Nigel.

The BBC lads helpfully did it for me,