Arsene Wenger XI




Unless of some kind of a resentment there is no way Cazorla gets in this team over Fabregas.


No ill feelings whatsoever, Cazorla is both aesthetically and technically better than Cesc imo.

Cesc is a fantastic lad though.


Argh maybe I should have picked Ozil over Ljungberg. Was so hard though


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I don’t know how anyone could find a spot for Ozil in the XI over Freddie :grimacing: Probably just an era thing tho


A worse Xl would be more fun.


Had a bit too much fun with this.




I’m gonna nake my own considering I didn’t start watching until the 2007 season, and bbc didn’t have some of the guys I would have named. Obviously it’s bad to leave DB 10 out, but I never got to see him play. Cole was already gone to Chelsea when I started watching but I actually got to see the guy play and he was better than anyone we’ve had there, I love Nacho but I think Cole was a step above him.



Emirates era:


Though let’s be honest there’s a right answer here and it’s:


Craigie that’s exactly the same as mine apart from I picked Lauren instead of Sagna.


Because Ozil is better than Ljungberg. You could argue that for Hleb en Rosicky too. But the team he was in and his long tenure at Arsenal does make it understandable picking him. Picking Sagna, Cesc or Ozil over Lauren, Silva or Ljungberg makes a lot of sense tho. Unless you want to have an balanced team when it comes to Silva.

Edit: what @Craigie did pretty much.


This is mine. Couldn’t leave out kolo. Would have liked to pick Bergkamp behind Wright and Henry but it wouldn’t let me.


That’s actually my favourite team so far I just felt like I couldn’t leave out Ashley Cole otherwise a back 3 would have made more sense too.

Although I’d swap Fabs with Silva personally.


I thought about Gilberto over Cesc for balance but I think they’d have too many goals for sides to deal with. Some of these lineups would be fun to watch.


No doubt about that. I think any variation of Wenger 01-05 teams would win the league if I’m being honest.


Lauren Adams Campbell Cashley
Freddie Vieira Gilberto Pires