Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


I was on a little Wilshere binge before I made my team so that kinda played a apart in me picking him.

But you’ve pretty much nailed it with this and I can’t help but feel Ramsey’s one of the reasons for that, before the Liverpool game Ramsey had more touches in the box per 90 (14.3) than any other player in the league. I dunno about you but I like my centre mid to you know play centre mid lol and not fuck off up front.

If Ramsey gets back to the basics then Ramsey > Wilshere all day until then it’s Wilshere > Ramsey for me but like you I’d be surprised if it happened aswell.


Yeah, we are easily at Bournemouth level :xhaka:





P.S. Coquelin is shit, has always been shit and will always be shit so stop pretending like he’s anything other than shit. The only reason why he looked better than shit for a period was because Cazorla was carrying his ass.

Also Wilshere :laughing:


I would be surprised to see him not play an important role in the team for a period in the season tbh, considering our paper-thin midfield depth and the fact that Murphy’s Law is applicable as fuck when it comes to the Arsenal.

Willing to keep an open mind on him, tbh, cause it’s hard for me to change the soft spot I have for him, even if reason–and those who know better than me/follow him more–tell me he’s done. Glad to see at least one poster I rate @Titou14 has some hopes for him…


I guess we shall see. Seeing as he’s currently on Instagram begging for a place a Tyrone Mings’ academy it doesn’t look great for him :grin:


Never said we were!


My friend was telling me I should read Tim Stillman’s column on Arseblog this week as he suggested a Christmas tree formation, I can’t be arsed but I do think it could be a good idea:

Ramsey/JACK WILSHERE(:innocent:)-Xhaka-AMN/Elneny

That or the trusty old 4-3-3 with a wide creator, but I feel like the concern is does Iwobi have the workrate/defensive abilities to make this work?

Just see that the weon has beat me to it, just with slightly different names. The second one is the christmas tree and yeah you could probably go with Iwobi and Ramsey alongside Xhaka there against lesser opposition with the choice between Iwobi and Ramsey needing to be made and AMN/Elneny as one of the 3 against better teams.



I had this down on August 31st. Pretty sure it’s still our best bet.


Not Walcott

Not Walcott Not Walcott Not Walcott

Not Walcott Not Walcott Not Walcott Not Walcott

Not Walcott Not Walcott Not Walcott


@Luca_from_Italy I’m starting to think ur right Luca, Calum actually hates Arsenal. The one guy on our team who actually consistently scores goals and creates for his teammates and Calum doesnt want him playing. Something’s not right here :thinking:



Mustafi - Kosh - Nacho

Hector - Elneny - Ramsey - Kolasinac

Wilshere/Iwobi - Laca - Alexis


I wanna get rid of the back 3 we are so bad in that formation though.


Bellerín Koscielny Monreal Kolasinac


Bellerin Koscielny Monreal Kolasinac
Ramsey Xhaka Wilshere
Iwobi Lacazette Welbeck

Thinking ahead to next season too.



Bellerin Koscielny Monreal Kolasinac

Elneny Wilshere

Iwobi Ramsey Sanchez



The amount of times I’ve seen Elneny in people’s best starting XI is utterly depressing.


It’s clearly not just Calum who doesn’t want him…

I don’t even want Theo lining up for the team photo next season, let alone lining up on the pitch!


Alexis Lacazette
Ramsey Wilshere
Kolasinac Kos Mustafi Bellerin

Cheeky little 4-4-2 diamond maybe?


Any team with Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Elneny, Iwobi and Xhaka in the starting line up needs to look at themselves very seriously and start thinking about investing in better players.

Because next season they will be our best midfield players and will be starting most games.