Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


We aren’t trying to win the CL, beating Stoke away is an improvement atm. Surely Coq in that syatem is enough to do that and consistently beat the lower PL teams so we get top 4.


I long for Coquelin back in the first team. Probably the best quick-fix solution we have to avoid getting beat up real bad in our next away game. Fetch me some rope


Coquelin stopped defending well a good while ago. Was his only upside.


My point still stands tho, Casemiro & Coquelin both bring a better balance to the two midfield 3’s I posted above.

He wouldn’t need to, he could play it in the same style Kroos does for Madrid.


Hahah fuck its depressing times, people making cases as to why the Coq should be in the stating line up, those people must been infuriated at Wenger for not signing a holding midfielder in the summer.


I admire your optimism, but Xhaka doesnt have it in him to move around the pitch like Kroos does so intelligently IMO


I can understand peoples point though. If he goes back to being a pure destroyer then he certainly serves a purpose of at least lessening how badly we’re being overrun if he’s played in a 3 man midfield. It offers our defence a little protection too. But that’s only on the basis he at least defends instead of trying to be some sort of creative outlet.


     Bellerin - CB - CB - Kolasinac

          Ramsey - Coquelin - Xhaka

         Ozil -    Laca    - Sanchez


Anything with Xhaka and Coquelin together :no_mouth:

The least Wenger can do is just field a front 4 of Alexis, Ozil, Iwobi and Laca. The defence and CM are going to have issues no matter what we do, but he might able to get those 4 playing some good football.


Le Coq hasn’t been good at defending for a while, tbh.


Coq and Song were perfectly able anchormen until Wenger started letting them make runs and passes.

Coq showed reasonable intelligence in cutting out passing space when he was roaming a small area but went to shit when he ended up running all over the pitch.

Nobody wants to play for Arsenal, see all that fun passing and attacking action and then be the midfielder that sits in front of defence.


I’m not saying he can replicate what Kroos does because hardly anybody can but in the big games especially away from home I think we need a ball winner, a deep lying play maker and a box to box centre mid if we’re finally gonna start putting numbers on the board away from home again vs the top teams.

I could be wrong and I am probably being too overly optimistic here but I don’t think it’s any coincidence that our last away win vs a top 6 team came when we were rocking 4-3-3.


Ahh Santi was amazing that day, and we had a great Coq. What a performance. Shame we can’t replicate that enough.


Yeah Santi was one of the main reasons we won that game. Probably his most disciplined performance in that role for us.

We dont have anyone else that can do that for us. Coq is only good at ball winning, Xhaka is only good at long range passing, and Ramsey only comes alive in the final third of the pitch.



Bellerin Holding Kos Kolasinac
Coq Wilshere
Iwobi Ozil Sanchez

Was a tough choice between Xhaka and Coq if im honest. I put Coq in the team as i think he is more defensive minded than Xhaka. Id be telling him to just sit in front of the back 4 and protect them and if he finds himself anywhere near the opposition penalty box then Kos, as captain, should be able to manage the game on the pitch and get him back in position

Also gets Ozil in the number 10 roll where he is best


Santi :santi:


I would have Cazorla but realistically he won’t be playing a big part in our fight for fourth place


I would like to see how Wilshere performs this season because he is the sort of player we need but he hasn’t played regularly in our first team for so long it’s hard to say if he is up to this level or not.


The way we have been playing Wilshere will easily fit in to our level


This this this a million times.


Surprised to see Wilshere featuring in some of these sides if I’m honest. Seems like a desperate response to the dysfunctional state of our midfield/team.

Would be surprised to see it happen if I’m honest, I don’t see him making much of a contribution this season