Arsenal Vs Wolves (PL)

It’s a weird one. I just can’t get excited for this one, it’s like most end of season games over the years just let’s get the win and send the fans home happy. Let’s just enjoy the summer until the new season comes along.

I just can’t overly celebrate this season like some will do. The last third really put a damper on it, just how we basically lost the fight to compete and no silverware. The players deserve their praise for at least a entertaining season for 2/3 thirds of it. But what could have been.

I can’t call it, could easily see us losing this seen as all the players have given up and wanting to go on their holidays.

I’m going 1-0 Arsenal and that’s not with a ton of confidence.

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Wolves are the lowest scorers in the league and although we look like we’ve packed up and gone on holiday, so have they.

Apart from against Brighton we’ve score a few at home recently so should win this quite comfortably.
I’ll go 3-0, with Martinelli, Jesus and Odegaard to score.

If Diego Costa plays you just know he’ll roll back the years one last time for a top performance against us

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Anyone got a ticket? :smiley:

Jesus-Nketiah-Nelson front 3 against Wolves? Fucking hell.:rofl:

Martinelli won’t score from the stands.


Vieira or ESR to start then…

Start that nwaneri kid, what better chance for some minutes.

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Hopefully Southgate paying attention and withdraws Saka from the England squad

This is a good thing imho. Saka needs a fucking rest.

If the proposed front 3 can’t even score 2/3 goals against Wolves, they need to be replaced :triumph:

Quite a few popping up on the exchange now.

Viera factor

Paddy Power

(Oh, you meant the crap one)

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Some fans would have wasted so much money on tickets to this one, going for astronomical prices 2 months ago.


Got a ticket :smiley:


Were you always flying over and just hoping for a ticket?

Yea would have just met a couple of mates otherwise. We’ve all managed to get a ticket on the tx today though.

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Nice, I kept refreshing earlier and the same ticket in upper corner kept popping up for £52. Everytime I tried to grab it, someone else had beaten me to it.

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Yea got that like 5 times before I snagged one