Arsenal Vs Wolves (PL)

Sunday 2023-05-28T15:30:00Z

:stadium: The Emirates Stadium

:tv: TBA

Last game of the season and the last bank holiday in May the following day. Not bad.

Hopefully we can win and end the season on getting
our highest league points since 2004.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Wolves win

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Should be a nice sunny day with a couple of good goals, have a nice sendoff.


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Nice morale boosting win and then time to build for next season.

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Imagine we lose this too :sob:

If anyone has a spare ticket let me know :smiley:

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Maybe someone who paid a couple of grand for a ticket from a tout is looking to offload :joy:


Let’s win this and then we can use the summer to try look back at this season as the beginning of something special rather than for the forgetful end it was.

I’m sure they’ll be happy with my face value offer


Lucky to get that!

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Not seen any running spare on Facebook, probably for that reason :joy:

@DavidHillier would be in a murderous rage

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They better win. I’m not ending the season like this. Just no.


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Sky have three games. They will pick Leicester, Leeds and Everton.

BT will pick United or Liverpool no doubt

Taking my boy to this one

Glad we will get to see them on their final lap and clap and thanks for all theyve done for us this season
We have seen some amazing games and had some great trips around the country.


Nothing at all riding on this except pride. And tbh, after the shit show of the last few weeks, I’m not sure I’m even bothered about this one.

Should be Xhaka, Holding, Nelson and maybe even Nketiah’s last game for us. Will be interesting to see whether there are any emotional goodbyes at FT.

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Vicki Sparks be in contention on motd for this one now.

Nothing can really boost morale after the last two defeats given how the team and coach have let the rest of the season fizzle out with no pride whatsoever. Had we battled to 90 points there would be a lot more to shout about in terms of what the team have done this season honestly. That Newcastle performance is a mystery given what’s happened since.


Anything less than 2-0 is a bad result in my books. This season has definitely been a season of 2 different Arsenals.

Much like how we’re two completely different teams every 45 minutes.

Never mind the last couple of games, just go out and play your natural game lads, free and unfettered. You and we will love it.