Arsenal Vs Wolves (PL)

:loudspeaker: Saturday 3pm game Klaxon!! :loudspeaker:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Wolves Win

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:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Arsenal to be awarded a penalty! :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

Pepe to score it

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They don’t score many and we don’t create much. Boring 0 0.

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They’ll probably get a sneaky goal, we’ll peg them back, Emery will make a safety first substitution, we’ll sink into a low block and concede again, Emery will roll the dice by throwing on Saka or Gabby to rescue a point and we’ll get slapped on the break. 1-3, get his pink slip (P45 for you Brits) ready. Many happy returns Unai, but you got to go.

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6-0 Arsenal.


We’ll win 3-0.
Xhaka will score a hat-trick and get man of the match…then his alarm clock will go off.

Is it bad that I think we are losing this or at worse drawing it. Just have no confidence in us winning.

Bringing in Ozil, will he change things. Don’t think he will, he get’s lost in these type of big battles. I play him just to see if his fans are right about him or he falls back into the way I think he is. Playing Xhaka will be a massive mistake and especially as captain. I play Torreira, Guendouzi and Willock in the midfield. Play the front three. Might as well stick with the same defense as we’re shit no matter who we play.

I think we badly need a win and another defeat or draw will pile on my pressure on Emery.

Wolves play three at the back and I think you’ve got to match them so that they aren’t gaining an advantage in certain areas of the pitch. I just can just see Adama Traore’s speed demolishing Luiz on the counter.

Emery will start with the same team that fucked up versus Palace minus Xhaka.

Please, just win this one, Arsenal

I’m going to say 1-1 with us scoring first and Emery going full defensive mode after it with us failing to create anything but ultimately failing to hold on.


Holy fucknuts!! We’re playing on Saturday?! It’s a Christmas miracle.


Going with the win against all reason because I will be there


The atmosphere if we lose will be tantalisingly toxic

Not gonna happen. Wolves getting done m8

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“SAK” Is this a hidden message here? :thinking:


The first thing a no bullshit coach would have done is stripped him of the captaincy, screw it if the others don’t like it in the squad, if you don’t like it. Leave, let’s see how many will be that upset for Xhaka then. I wouldn’t play him again and sell him off in January but under this coach you will see him again.

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Everything here is done too nicey nicey, asking players if its ok to do this and that.

Creating a very bad precedence…


Imagine Emery’s surprise when we win comfortably without Xhaka on the field.

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The fuck is this?