Arsenal Vs Wimbledon (Carabao Cup 3rd round)

Those are scary odds. I might die before I see Arsenal lifting a PL trophy. A Qatar takeover or a Leicester fluke is needed. Its looking quite bleak.

They are great odds but I wouldn’t describe them as tempting, although we’re 40/1 to relegated.
I’ve never seen us shorter odds to be relegated than win the PL title, after so few games.
Yet another proud record that Arteta can boast. :grinning:

Arsenal v. Wimbledon best 5-0 in 1998.

I want to see Patino start if I’m being honest.


I’m looking forward to this, midweek games are a blessing right now not a curse.

This is our Champions League now.


Not on tv anywhere?

Funny how popular Wimbledon have become now.
Bringing 9,000 tonight. Couldn’t get that many for many a home game when they were in the top flight.

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It’s a good thing no?

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Oh yeah. There’s a much more positive feel around the club now.
The whole crazy gang thing split football opinion on them.
One of the reasons you don’t find much opposition to the merger years ago.
I was one who was onboard with the crazy gang thing.
Pity they never got their chance in Europe off the cup win.
Europe would of never seen anything quite like them.:slightly_smiling_face:


I remember seeing Wimbledon at Highbury and they would only bring a few hundred with them.
Although it’s still more than Luton used to bring. :grinning:

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I wasn’t enamored when they got the draw at Highbury in 89.
Think that’s the most distressed feeling I ever had walking out of that stadium.

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I went to the game that season where we got a 2-2 with Charlton which wasn’t great either.

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Hope he doesn’t play tho. Let our reserve goalkeeper play in this and save The Raminator for the weekend

Glad crybaby Emi is gone and we’ve upgraded with The Raminator.


Hoping we see this lineup:


My guess is that Patino won’t start, especially since he played all 90 in the U23 match last weekend, but it would be great to see him out there.


That’s 11 changes, no way that happens.

Balogun should start

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Agreed. I’d much rather give him time than Nketiah, who has no future with us. My only hesitation is that I’ve never seen him on the right and I’d want to play Martinelli in his best position on the left (assuming Laca is CF).

I wouldn’t play laca tbh

We should have enough offensively without him