Arsenal Vs Wimbledon (Carabao Cup 3rd round)

  • Arsenal to go through
  • Wimbledon to go through

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Not on tv.

Is it not being broadcast at all or will there be jank streams with more pop ups than pixels?


Im gonna link u a proper stream.


I’m not interested in watching this on a stream so I’ll let you find out haha.

I never watch this comp unless it’s on tv :joy:

I used to usually find one, I actually used to run acestream on a dual output to my TV and would get full HD with minimal buffering but at the moment it seems to take me about 15 minutes to find something passable. Feels like every year it gets more of a fuck on.

So if you do have success I’d certainly appreciate a little pm.


U dont wanna miss 9000 wombles heading to the carpet.


Arsenal 3-0

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Hopefully Balogun and Martinelli play and build a little confidence and form back.

Would love to see Patino make a cameo.

Balogun, no ! He shouldn’t be anywhere near The Arsenal nor that Chelsea reject Eddie Nketieh . We can’t carry these below average players anymore.

Get the big boys picked , get some goals , get some vital confidence ahead of Spurs at the weekend.

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Laca to get a hat trick here. About his level if I am being honest.

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I’m sure there will be streams somewhere. It’s on ESPN+ in the US and DANZ in Canada, so it’s definitely televised in places. Was hoping it was on a regular channel in the US so I could use my brother’s login. So much for that.



Patino and Balogun to hopefully get some minutes too.

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They’re part of the squad so you have to utilize them, especially in such a match.

If Charlie Patino doesn’t start I’m not watching. Very much with my man @Sol here that this kid is going to be generational on name alone.

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If we lose this it would mean that, after only six PL games, the FA Cup would be the only competition we could realistically win this season.
This is why I expect him to put out a strong team.

Just like Zelalem. Patino looks good, but I have fallen in this trap waaay to many times.

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we are on a 2 game winning streak, easy win for us.

250/1 to win the league. I fancy those odds.