Arsenal vs Watford (PL)

Arsenal vs Watford
Premier League
Saturday 29 September, 15:00


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Watford win

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Waterford are a tricky one at the moment.

Think this could be a great match but score draw as the result, probably 2-2.


For Watford this is their second North London derby in a few days, so after drawing with spurs in the League Cup they will be up for it and will be going for the win.

I think there will be goals so I’ll go for 2-2 Lacazette and Monreal to score.

Going to this so definitely a 6-0 win.


Tricky test, as they are above us in the table. Should be winning it though.

Going to say us to scrape it 2-1.


This is a big test, and will be an interesting barometer of where we are.

2-1 to us - showing some cojones to shut the fat prick up

2-1 Arsenal. Watford will be another test but being at home we should win.

Lacazette and Aubameyang scorers again.

Would this be our 7th straight win all comps?

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No reason we shouldn’t be beating Watford at home.


For some reason I thought we were away, so I’ll change that to us winning 3-2 with Lacazette, Aubameyang and Monreal to score.

Sokratis is fit for this game, according to the boss.

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Finally an optimistic prediction from you! :cech:

“easy” 2-1 victory for the bois. Scraping them 3 points is our way these days.

Fuck Deeney the cunt up his ass :ozil2:

oohhhh la la

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Will be tough game… they lost a player to red in Cup, right?

They will try to bully us and I can see Moose f*ing up, but I think we will do enough.

2-1 to us, Laca and Ozil to score.

1-1. Think our luck will run out here against a solid Watford team.

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I hope Deeney gets injured, we win and Big Man Unai goes into their dressing room and teabags the cunt as he’s laid out prone, screaming “now I will ecksplayn what cojones are”


Doesn’t matter if he does, he’ll play on. You not heard him chatting this week? He’s been playing with 17 broken toes, 5 broken arms and a smashed knee while in a coma. He’s well 'ard, innit.