Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)


I liked Sokratis celebrating tackling Kane near the end






Yep it rings true

Emery has his number, 5 wins to 2 now I believe


He should stop behaving like a fucking wanker then


The only thing is we rested our team midweek.


that is how the emirates should be, it was a cauldron today…we should be making it a place that teams dread to come.



Congratulations, totally deserved and out classed on the day .
A major mistake was playing Foyth inplace of Toby in such a high tension game . Unbelievably cock up and playing slowly out of the back.
Should have been 5 being honest .
Time for a glass of single peat malt 20 years old to ease the pain.
Cheers and enjoy your well won win.


:wave::joy: joking aside fair play for coming on here.


He ought to post on here more often. He’s one of the better posters.


Your team.proper winds me up but fair play buddy you’re a great sport and a laugh.

You should post here more often if you can bear us :arteta:


Vote for your MOTM


The Merseyside derby is so dry compared to our match


So I take it Luca had some insane meltdown in the first half ?


By the way. THE ATMOSPHERE WAS BUZZZINGGGG today. Emirates alive.


One of the greatest trolls this forum has seen in years, but also knew when to stop and is seemingly a stand up guy.

Fair play for coming on here after so long to be gracious in defeat @Berkobotswana :+1:


Doesn’t the peat disappear at 20 years? I’ll be having some Laphroig Select mixed with Grants to celebrate.

And cheers mate


Nothing to see here :wink:


Incredible. Best win in a long time