Arsenal vs Tottenham (Premier League)






Yes. I agree. If Ramsey plays every game between now and the start of Jan when/if he leaves, he should be given a good send off. He’s doing more as a player who’s going than some who are still with us




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Just went to TheFightingCock for some entertainment and this is an insightful comment tbf:

Sorry mate, but Emery saw that we were playing out from the back through Davies and Aurier so he threw on Ramsey and Lacazette at half time and deployed a high press. There was no reaction from Poch - and the second half was like watching a car crash in slow-mo. I don’t agree with any personal stuff or “Poch out” bull shit, but he needed to be more decisive sooner today imo.


@Electrifying he fucking did!!


Best game of the season. What a fucking game of football.


I think this match might just have become a late contender for thread of the year :smiley:


I’m actually gutted for @Bl1nk this was the game of season. It had everything. I went through so many emotions :joy::joy::joy:


What does Arsenal and the Tory party have in common?


An all time favorite to put in the list of games… so exciting, tense, enjoyable, then joyous and gloating… perfect derby game and loved the passion and fire from our team. Torreira was immense, subs were absolutely perfect (although wtf were we doing starting with Mikhy why no Laca (in the end, maybe right call since he was coming back from injury). Ramsey did well and helped get us the energy and drive we needed - he was involved in at least 2 goals, including the worldie by Auba.

Leno a clanger is really only blight… our defense still looks prone to braindead errors - I think all 4 of them made dumb errors, some worse than others. We also have to know how to avoid those really stupid unnecessary fouls around and in our box - puts a lot of pressure on ourselves especially against a team with good FK takers like Eriksen.

Statement game and if we can get 3 against ManU, hooo boy.


Tactical masterpiece from Emery at halftime, so nice to see a coach be ruthless to get the job done. What a fucking game, so proud to be a gunner today!!


It’s the most entertaining derby in English football without a shadow of a doubt, we deserved our win, even when Spurs led they weren’t playing well.


What a fightback. Torreira the don, Auba and Laca bagging goals in a big game, Emery taking us to a beautiful NLD victory on his first attempt :giroud2:

To top it off, one of their cunts gets sent off and their clown ass over-celebrating in the first half gets shoved up their arseholes.

Superb. Just fucking superb.




Best derby I can remember in a long time. The passion and intensity was electrifying


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Seems a bit of a shame that Luca can’t share in this moment


Best derby in the PL and I love it. Every other derby in the PL is shit