Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Hope we show a bit of spirit for this one. All my non-Arsenal supporting friends actually fancy us for this one, so I’m starting to feel a bit confident :grinning:


Same. One of them said he is benching Kane in Fantasy Football for this, despite Kane’s goal scoring record against us. The bookies have us as favourites too. Unlike you though, it unnerves me. It’s as if they all know something about our team at the moment that I don’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They don’t know anything. They especially don’t know Wenger.

That’s why they are wrong. Keep Kane in your fantasy teams guys. In all likelihood it will be Coquelin marking him, again playing in the Coquenbauer role.


Overall a thoroughly annoying press conference from Arsene.

This ‘judge us at the end of the season’ is a fine thing to say, but what - four seasons in a row? Loses all meaning.


Lol! So he could rest Laca, despite never playing him for the whole games :facepalm:


Hope so. I always do fear a thrashing against a big team.


Haha I know what you mean. Kane has a very good record against us, I’d be surprised if he didn’t score against us.

Besides, all this optimism will disappear come kick off, I’ll just enjoy the moment!


Precisely. We’ve judged him at the end of the season plenty of times - didn’t seem to make any difference.

Wind-up merchant.


If only Eriksen got injured :wenger:. He is the player i fear the most.


Don’t worry, we have Kolašinac to break a few of their players in two. I hope he starts with Alli.


Reporter: “For a long time your team were the dominant one in north London…”

Wenger: “For 20 years.”

I see Wenger doesn’t disagree there has been a shift away from us.

Wenger: “Olivier Giroud picked up a knee injury and I don’t think he’ll be available.”

Wenger on whether Lacazette will start on Saturday: “He played many games Lacazette. Will he start on Saturday? The decision has not been made.”

So Giroud’s injured and our most expensive striker still isn’t guaranteed to start against spurs.
What is it with Wenger buying strikers and not playing them?
Perez was decent and never given a chance and Lacazette is scoring regularly for France yet isn’t considered good enough to start for us.


Hopefully he’ll still be pissed from Tuesday night.


It’s shit because Eriksen never used to perform for the national team until we switched coaches.

So before if he got injured or couldn’t play or whatever I didn’t really care, but now that he’s bossing the national team for us I absolutely do not want to see anything happen to him which is shit because he’s a fucking Spurs player. Fuck.


Think yourself lucky. Our national team is built around Spurs FFS. I think there are 4 of their players in our probable first XI. Shudder.


It’s the reason why England are even more shit than usual.


It wouldn’t be so bad if spurs were shit. Like when Robbie Keane was essential for Ireland I could live with him also being useful for spurs cos ultimately it didn’t matter most of the time.


Yeah exactly, this is a real catch-22 for me.


Ok so some of the scum are doing well in the league. Won’t really matter anyways cuz they aren’t gonna win anything in the end.


Didn’t think about it. Great idea! :santi2:


I repeat, we’ll fuck them this time.