Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


See now that’s the spirit!


Mike Dean has been appointed the referee for Saturdays North London Derby against Tottenham.


Remember when nearly 100,000 angry fans signed a petition to stop Mike Dean refereeing another Arsenal game? :rofl: Ah good times.


He’s a spurs supporter isn’t he?


As far as I know, yes.


We’ve won the last 2 NLDs he has been in charge of, though granted they haven’t been that recent.

There is a record of referee’s allegiances. Mike Dean’s? Tranmere. To be fair, if I was a referee I’d probably lie and put down a shit team too.


That’s why he should have put down spurs :grinning:


Feeling quite optimistic atm. We are due a win against them.


We’re due a Premier League title as well. But that’s not coming anytime soon.


First the derby, then the title :xhaka:


I just wanted to say regardless of the result Wenger will be under no extra pressure, he will have a contract extension waiting for him at the end of 2018/2019 irrespective of results.


1-4 to Spurs . Absolutely zero confidence in Wengers ability to get this team fired up for the big games .
Hopefully this will be a few extra nails in Wengers managerial coffin .


Mike Dean has awarded Arsenal 3 penalties in 62 matches, with all the other big clubs being awarded 10+ in the same or less matches officiated by him, coincidence I think not.


We’ll shit on the scum this time 3 nil.


Guys, we are fucked. He has made his prediction.


Arsene’s press conference…

A decision should not have to be made. Play our £50m striker in a big game. Put out our best team and we’ll do this:


We were dominant over Tottenham until say 2012, since then our head to head has been pretty even and we would have amassed similar points tally’s in the league since then.


I feel like the downward slide started before that, in 2010 when we were 2-0 up and lost 3-2.

I’ll never fucking forget that loss. The most frustrating thing ever. I was living in Kansas at the time and I had been out until like 3am the night before, managed to get up at 6am to watch the game hungover as fuck totally miserable only to watch us piss away a 2-0 lead to fucking Tottenham. That was indescribably shit.


Epic trolling from Arsené.


Think we’ll turn up, but it’ll be another draw.