Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


The best derby in the PL returns!

Just win plz I need the feeling of an NLD victory in my lifeee again ffs it’s been too long!!

This will be our 8th attempt at trying to beat these cunts in the league since our last win against them on Sunday 16 March 2014 which was our last win at the old WHL 4 seasons ago thanks to this Rosicky GOLAZOOOO


  • Draw
  • Tottenham win

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Going to say the usual 1-1 at the Emirates for this one, that’s what’s happened the last 3 seasons if I’m not mistaken ?

Correct.1-1for the home NLD the past three seasons

Probably another draw. We just can’t beat Spurs anymore.

We probably can’t draw with them anymore either.


I’m going to this one. I’m a masochist.


You are our talisman!

Yeah we’re probably gonna get fucked

We’ve got to beat a top half side at some point and this could be the game to do it.
These games are too hard to predict but the pressure is on us to win and even a draw would be considered not good enough, so I’m going for a close 2-1 to us.

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When I saw this thread this morning I immediately went “oh fuck” then thankfully remembered it’s not today I have to endure this.

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I’m feeling pretty confident about this. Maybe it’s pre derby delusion but I think we’ll do them

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Nothing about our record in big games or derbies says this will be an Arsenal win.

But fuck Spurs and fuck form. I’ll be as optimistic and hopeful as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve.


Do we trust Alexis and Ozil to turn up here?

I honestly think Alexis should be dropped for this one.

If they can’t get motivated for a game as important as this, then Wenger should sell them in the next window.

This is arguably our most important game this season and if we don’t win and put in a decent performance, Wenger is going to be under more pressure than he’s been before.

So if Ozil and Sanchez have any respect for Wenger they will both show up and try their best for him.

The thing is though, Alexis, Özil and Lacazette are our best front three. I know Everton are shit but we created about 573 chances in that match. I admit Sanchez didn’t cover himself in glory v City, but perhaps part of the problem was that Lacazette was dropped?

I’m not saying that we definitely shouldn’t drop him, just that it’s a hard decision to make when he is the best player in our squad.

We spent years being better than them and having tight derbies so no reason we can’t compete now we’re probably worse.

It’s hard to call but I’ll go Arsenal win, because why the fuck not. Jack off the bench to kick Dele will boost the fans and that’ll boost us to victory.


In theory maybe, I haven’t seen anything so far which makes me think we need to rely on these 3 starting to be dangerous offensively. It doesn’t look to be clicking at all baring a few touches and one twos.

People want “AOL” to be an actual attacking partnership but maybe it just isn’t atm. I’d much rather have a functional side this dropping our “3 best players” in and expecting magic to happen.

I’d drop Alexis for Iwobi tbh

In recent seasons the difference between the teams has been negligible even if we have finished above them.
Before last season three of the five before that we only finished above them on the last day of the season.

But I do agree that there is no reason not be beat them, especially as we are at home, and I also agree Wilshere should play some part in it.
He is one of the few players that fully understands the importance of this fixture, and Wenger is desperate for a win here.

Welbeck is back in full training now too… :welbeck:

Anyway, I’m going with 4-4 for this match. A first half Harry Kane hat-trick followed by a “heroic” second half performance from us, including a dodgy penalty decision – which Wenger will of course refuse to talk about in his post-match interview, instead focusing on our “mental strength”

That would be funny if we won and the winning goal was a dodgy penalty for us.
It would be interesting to compare the comments between Wenger and Pochettino, and if their manager would spend the next few days whinging on about it, and every other refereeing decisions that he perceives go against him when he loses a game.

We simply have to win this game, even if it’s just to prove we can beat a top four club.
Losing would be unacceptable and would be hard to take, losing at home to our biggest rivals.