Arsenal Vs Tottenham (Carabao Cup Quarter Final)

Wednesday 19 December
Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:45
Live on Sky Sports Football

Win this you cunts

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win on penalties
  • Tottenham win in 90 minutes
  • Tottenham win on penalties

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Full strength team please, no fucking about after the Southampton loss. We deserve this now

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There’s no extra time in the Carabao Cup until the final…

What? :wink:

I’m still in 2 minds, mate.

If Man City beat Leicester City on Tuesday night, I wouldn’t really care if we got through against Spurs (unless, of course, we got embarrassed. That would f*** me right off)

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Players who didn’t start tonight like Laca, Ramsey and the missing defenders should atleast start for me. Not Ozil though, the bastard.

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No idea what will happen in this one, but whilst City are still in the competition I think it’s largely irrelevant.

It’s likely irrelevant in the end, but I’d rather not let these dickheads knock us out at home

This one’s come at a perfect time. Beat Southampton and we would’ve lost this. Now we can push the reset button and do what we do best, come back firing and beating Tottenham in domestic cup competitions. #footballlogic


So does this go for CL and FA as well. Im really curious here.

Well until we improve substantially I can’t see us beating City. Well suppose it’s possible in a one of game, and maybe my attitude was more because the reward of doing it in the League Cup is nowhere as great as doing it in the Champions League or even FA cup.

Going to be a lot of negativity around if we lose this. Vitally important we win this and more so as its them. Testing time coming up and injuries mean we cant take much from our recent win over them into account.
Be great to get another win and keep Emery on course for an early wembley visit. Praying for a 1 0 or 2 1 but fear a loss tbh.


Fuck them up.

Im expecting the full strength team here Unai. No fucking about with youth and reserves.

Nice to have you back Robin :grinning:


Fuck off you trophy less fraud :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Remember when Spurs won a knockout tie against AC Milan and their entire stadium chanted “Are you watching Arsenal”?

Amazing for anyone linked with that club to complain about exuberant celebrations :joy:

Perfect to get that Southampton game out of our system. Beat these bitches :unai:

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sniifff sniifff… do you smell that guys ? … thats the smell of grilled spuds.

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December Derby Day Part II


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