Arsenal Vs Swansea City (Premier League)

Outcome of the match?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Swansea win

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Saturday 15th October 2016
Gameweek 8
Emirates Stadium
KO: 15:00

Ah our famous bogey team! No matter how poor they are they seem to be able to take points off us as the above stats show. This should be the match we end our awful home record against them though and take three points for the first time since September 2011!!

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Last time we beaten Swans at home:

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Yeah awful record vs them especially at home but I think we will win this one 2-0.

I fear this game a little bit, as it is after the international break. We should be so much better than them though.

You just know after these shitpipes gifted 6 points in total to City and Liverpool they are going to come to the Emirates and hurt us. Especially you can envisage a certain Dutch central defender who looks and plays more like a piece of lumber than a footballer and who gave a stupid penalty away to City and also missed a sitter at the dead of time to level it against Liverpool, will somehow miraculously manage to find the net against us from some scrappy set piece crossing.



Nah, they’ll get a new manager bounce from Bradley, plus the interlull usually disrupts momentum when you’re on a winning run.

Swansea to nick something here :grimacing:

Can’t believe i’m saying that, especially if that absolute tree trunk ‘Mike van der Horn’ plays centre back, but still, this is football after all.

In a way our dismal performance on the weekend might work to our advantage - tough training and motivating going on this week and hope a couple of offensive options get back into squad. See us winning 2-0… our defensive solidity is really on a massively promising trend.

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International Break mate.

Sacking Guidolin was very harsh and probably helps us. They played Liverpool, Chelsea, and City all very tough and were unlucky not to get more than a point from those matches. Bradley may or may not succeed in the long run but he will have a tough adjustment in the short run. He has never managed in club football at anywhere close to this level and will be coming into a club after a controversial sacking.

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oh there goes any hope of continuity… hopefully it has same positive effect, but we’ll see.

They’ll be in ‘new manager mode’ and play like fucking Barcelona.

Would rather another last minute win than a comfortable win, last minute win creates more scenes and pisses people off


I don’t think there will be much momentum gained after unveiling Bobby Bradley here, quite uninspired from a player’s perspective I reckon.

As we’ve dealt with the bogey of beating Chelsea at home, I’d like to think we will continue in similar fashion and rid ourselves by not Swanning around with this lot for a change. Montero always seems to fob us off somehow but I’m hoping Mustafi puts paid to that.

Pereth hattrick thanks.


2-1 to the Arsenal

It would have been more difficult straight away, imo.

Glad this game is closing in now, feels like the longest international break ever.


Absolute tree trunk :joy:

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Hah he is though, Mike van der Hoorn turns like a pregnant yak. I’ve never seen a slower centre back and he’s only in his early 20s.

I hate to write someone off so soon, but for this chopper I’ll make an exception. Swansea will go down if he plays enough games for them. Awful. Happy days if he’s playing against us this weekend.

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Watch him play a fucking blinder now