Arsenal vs Spurs (PL) 3-1

Ben white has to use this space better

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What ?? terrible? we are dominating them. They are playing 7atb ffs lel


Think the game has gone exactly as expected so far. Spurs proving difficult to beat inside their box and countering dangerously.

We need to find a fix for the counter but the worry is will we be able to do that without stifling our attack? It’s on a knife edge this game and very even.

Yes as long as he can contain Parisic.

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Cesc absolutely right with his analysis

And they’ve looked way more threatening than us - our finishing is non existent and Saka just keeps losing the ball.

We look dead out there.

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A Gabriel M brainfart and a deadball which was offside.

We are pinning them down to the goalline. To not concede counters is impossibe if u wanna attack on the frontfoot.


That’s a mad overreaction haha. Yeah we’re falling into a trap but we’ve also threatened from minute one and aren’t far from a goal ourselves.


The one show’s Jermaine Jenas is annoying me on co coms lol

Our possession based style might work against small teams that sit back. Difference is spuds have a strong front three/four to punish mistakes.

This exactly why we need a target man.

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Has Arteta won a NLD yet?

Let’s stamp our authority now and r… …take the three points against these fuckers!

COYG!! :tierney2:

Anyone with just a casual interest, would think the England captain’s name is Harry Kane-Penalty.

This time last year…

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Ohhh yes how could I forget






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Steamroller God I like it

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