Arsenal vs Spurs (PL) 3-1

oooh Jesus. great play

Jesus turned into Aaron Ramsey vs Norwich with the shot fakes there ;).

That was nearly goal of the season contender fuck me


Because the ref is both bald and a prick

In fairness it was one on Emerson after and he didn’t give it but still

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I’d consider Tierney for Zinchenko


Odegaard’s footwork to set hip up was brilliant too.

Such a fucking shame

Jesus better at defending than the other Gabriel

Jesus is a ball control god. Now if he can convert those skills to goals here…

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Saka’s been shit imo

Same predictable cut in every time then Ben white plays a class ball n he’s not ready

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Zinchenko was horrible vs United too. We should be starting a proper LB against big teams

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The kids gets stunned when punched back there is still room for growing

We’re the fucking better team!

Just don’t make those stupid mistakes again ffs!

Everything in our hands, we need to take the 3 points here!


How the fuck does he miss that run behind the full back. Saka is only able to cut inside it’s ridiculous

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Do agree but don’t think he’s been that bad today, just how he’s asked to play means he can get caught out of position on the counter.

Hence Tierney should start but if we want to impose our style of play then I can see why Zinky starts.


Just stood there waiting for the ball to feet so he can cut inside for the 1000th time.

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Happy to get to half time and regroup. Lost the momentum and need to get it back. COYG

I think Saka’s function is to draw defenders toward him to open a hole in the middle.

That’s how Partey scored.

He’s been quiet but I think that’s by design.


Game is going like most predicted. Us the better team and spuds with the counters and dead balls.

The commentator said something about offside for the Kane pen but they didnt show it.
The classic kane pen against us like every other NLD. Such an overrated cunt.

I would like to just continue this in the 2. half. They will run out of gas chasing the ball at some point. Get Eddie on if we are not ahead by 60 mins.


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we look terrible now and a second spurs goal is coming lol


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