Arsenal Vs Sporting CP (UEL)


Just fuck off, fuck off, fuck off! At least we qualified.


Dude… its coca cola cup, we have 1st place in the bag


Please can we not see Mkhitaryan and Ramsey on the pitch at the same time ever again.


I always want to win, especially against these poor, rattled codfish cunts.


lol, Luca got so mad he actually typed “I’ma”…


Ramsey doing a Ramsey. Selfish player. So annoying


Whatever happened to new improved Luca staying calm during matches? :cristo:

Awful game. Qualified for the KO, but at the cost of two players injured.


Puto Sporting manager. Me cago en tu puta madre.


Man of the match? Vote :point_right: Man of the Match Thread


MoTM? Ummmm.

Went with ESR. was impressed with him


Gone with Jenko. Didn’t watch mind.


@Midfield_Maestro, why are you so anti-Arsenal?



Luca he does it in every poll. Its not serious haha


He brings us bad luck though :bellerin:


Lol, literally no one predicted for the game to finish in a draw :poldi: Surprised you’ve not had a go at Calum, Luca. Considering he’s now failed to win his last three games he’s created :unai:



I hate you @Calum!


I personally blame all our bad luck on the “we’re getting relegated” threads you started.


Ok. Not reliable, as you hate me :wink:


This would have been the first time we won 4 European Games in a row since November 2005 if we managed the win


We just had an eleven game winning streak lol