Arsenal Vs Sporting CP (UEL)


Arsenal B team is very weak

Many upgrades required to strengthen, deepen and broaden the squad

I mean the A team is still well below what we want. I say 10 upgrades needed but it may be more in fact

Man City churned through several iterations to get where they are


Really really drab affair vs Sporting, 0-0 was a fair result as we simply lacked the quality to score. Be interesting to see how we go against wolves, 3 draws in 4 games in recent times.


My prediction of there never being a goalless draw under Emery in 2018 comes to an end.
I knew it would be the case after watching the match for 20mins.


Sporting’s first away clean sheet away from home in Europe in 7 years.


Unbeaten in 15 for us. Fuck Sporting’s stat.


Never mind years, how many games?


30 away European games apparently.


Big enough sample so. They usually use years when the number is actually pretty low. :slight_smile:


Poll still up :point_right: Man of the Match Thread


Yeah, they can suck our balls. Portuguese’s Tony Pulis.