Arsenal Vs Sporting CP (UEL)



  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Sporting CP win

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Looking forward to some ESR and AMN !


Mkhitaryan MOTM would be cool.


Let’s win to qualify.


Can do whatever we want now with these games. Can even let Cech practice his kicking game and not give a fuck what happens. Pure bliss. 1 0 Welbz in the 2nd half.
@Calum to watch the full 90 and @JakeyBoy to get updates on his phone.


Haha don’t worry I’ll be watching I just dont watch the shit EFL cup games


You will the next one.:wink: Tbf im doing overtime thursday and relying on @Luca_from_Italy.


I will not let you down mate :wink:


Think we’ll win this one 2-0 or so.


I associate Qarabaq’s badge with @Craigie way more than I do the actual club lol


6-0 Arsenal incoming.


Your argument is as convincing as last time. Let’s do dis!


Tickets going for like £17 quid for this, not a bad price against half-decent European opposition.


You will get it one day :wink:


Welbeck Hattrick


A win at home, and we should be easily topping this group and have it sown up. Play a strongish side, give a few of the first teamers a rest for the Wolves games. Sporting weren’t any great shakes and we weren’t great in that away game. I fancy us winning this 3-0 quite easily.


Does a win tomorrow guarantee top spot?


Only if Vorskla don’t win.


If we win tomorrow night, I’d rest completely in the final 2 matches, play absolutely no one that could be starting in the following games on the weekend.


Sporting have appointed a new manager. Marcel Keizer :netherlands: former Ajax head coach.