Arsenal Vs Sporting CP (UEL)


Saw a picture, ankles aren’t supposed to turns that way.



You can tell from Ramsey’s reaction that it’s a leg break. Feel bad for Danny


Aussie, whaycha been doing man :henry2:


Picture looks worse than the video IMO. Close up for a start, and you can see the twisted ankle.




Ramsey and Mkhitaryan are just…I dont know man


Need to fuck Mhki’s wages off our books ASAP, he was shit at United and been here 9 months and nothing’s changed, not like he’s young either.

We’ve had a lot of the ball but lack of purpose and tempo to our passing and movement.


I hate Mkhitaryan. Fraud bastard


We ain’t offloading Mhkitaryan’s huge wages, he’s here to stay alas.


Fucking Josè and pizza boy @Electrifying!


Can we just score? Thanks.


60mins 0-0. Missed a stormer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol Monteiro. Tool.


I bet United like playing with Young Boys.


I see why Emery plays Ramsey as a #10, his build-up play is absolutely dreadful. Won’t miss him when he goes.

Thought the favouritism is weird but turns out he’s just rubbish in the deeper role.


He’s just rubbish generally, never worth the wages he wants

Just another Wenger passenger that we’ll be better off without


:cech: :gabriel:




Coming on or goal?! :smiley: