Arsenal Vs Sporting CP (UEL)


Arsenal Premiership reversal of the King :unai:


Ah man absolutely gutted for Welbz :sob: looks in a bad way


Oh dear. Even oxygen mask


Oh fuck! Injured again?


A stretcher and oxygen needed



What happened? Head? Or a break?


i reckon it could be a leg break


Fucking hell the players look absolutely in shock.

Must be really bad



Looks like a leg break or horrible twist when he landed


Matteo is in shock :cech:


That’s a really awful blow for Danny and for Arsenal :frowning_face: He’s been having a really solid season so far, at a pretty crucial stage in his career. Could be season over?


He has no luck with injuries. :disappointed: So gutted for him


i cant see us keeping him anymore if the injury is serious, new guys are not so charitable.


No oxygen for him in the end. He looked to respond well.


They haven’t shown any replays and they only do that if it’s bad


I don’t think it was that bad though. Just landed awkwardly and at speed.


Need to speed up the tempo. C’mon!


Well tv companies show replays of everything and they haven’t shown any of this. When that happens its a bad injury


I’ve watched it again and again and again and it doesn’t look that bad from the angle shown on TV. I didn’t see any bones poking out or anything. Maybe from another angle it looks worse.



Anyway it’s a really boring match .
2am here so enjoy guys. Give Aussie my love