Arsenal vs Southampton (PL)

Saturday 11th December
15:00 :clock3:

A home game against a bottom half team?

Arteta 1-0 special incoming

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Southampton win

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dont even care


Arsenal 9-0

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2 in a row for predictions. I’m on a roll :muscle:

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3-1 saints

1-0 to the Arse. Top4 chase back on track. COYG.

Give Auba and Laca the Ozil treatment. They can do their interviews with The Athletic to cry too. Give either Martinelli or Nketiah a run up front, they seriously can’t be any worse. In fact, might as well pull an ESR and give Balogun a start in December.
Worked wonder last time. :joy:

I think we’ll scrape a win in a low standard affair.

But ultimately it is of little relevance we’ll finish 7th at best and I’m in that awful position of watching games when I don’t believe in the manager or the project.

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2 2. Low standard game and a few goals in a under the radar match.


I should have saved clearing my shed out for this timeslot.

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If we don’t win this match Lego Man needs to go the same day.

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Forster and McCarthy both injured. They’ll probably have an OAP in goal who hasn’t played since God knows when. Just need to put him under the slightest pressure and it’s a goal. That does mean our striker actually needs to be in the box though. Mind blown, I know.

Maybe if we lose enough games in a row Artera will be sacked.

Come on you saints!!


What is wrong with people?

No wonder @Castiel has stayed away tonight

Should win, the real pressure game is West Ham next Wednesday.

I’m not actively going for the Saints as I can’t do that, but I’m not overly fussed either way. Wins like Southampton at home only paper over the cracks and don’t change the fact we’re going absolutely nowhere good under Arteta.

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You were entertained by that match tonight?


That’s irrelevant. Not being entertained doesn’t mean I’ll switch. I just can’t comprehend wanting the team to lose. Even under Emery, who I really hated, I always wanted us to win. Because that’s what it’s about.

She did say she thought the performance " Wasn’t that bad " @BigWeng_4LYFE it’s a low bar.

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Ahh gotcha :+1::+1:

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