Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Still tho their prime minister recently died in a bombing at the UN. Harsh to be penalized for Auba showing his support for a neighboring African nation.


That would be Stuart Robson


Captain Obvious


he is :henry2:


Wouldn’t be a complete Auba performance without a missed sitter.


Who’s he? (Genuine question)


The question is how far behind are you? We’re watching it properly live on telly lol


wtf ref, Iwobi got pulled there


He is notorious for his agenda against Arsenal. Never had a nice thing to say about Arsene and would routinely drag anti-Arsenal comments into games when we weren’t even playing.


I am on a legal stream but in first half there was no delay.
84:29 atm on my stream








Torro coming on


He was employed at the club at the time.


I agree that Pepe is the preferable option, but he’s not going to make us a contender in the CL. Need a lot more for that. Hence I wouldn’t really mind either of them. With Torreira, Leno etc the building of a team has just begun.


Wtf is the score anyways?


Perfect player to sort this is coming on.

A fresh Torreira. :giroud2:


Heart stopped after that dribble.


I get people’s valid objections but I like Ramsey. He’s a good bloke and I’ll think of him fondly.