Arsenal vs Rennes (Europa League) Last 16 2nd leg


Not saying he would make all the difference, however, that’s the profile of player we should be signing to play for us on the flanks.

We should be looking right past Sarr and the like and be aiming for Pepe, Fekir et al. Obviously need to seal CL qualification to be in the hunt of course.


Players with the profiles like you mention usually can make the step to top five/ten without wasting their time at Arsenal tbh.


Stuart Robson “petr cech will make the most of this situation”

How about- he’s already had a serious head injury in the past and may need to be looked at.



In the case of Fekir no one has been in for him since Liverpool, these players are obtainable no doubt about that.




Torreira good.

@DavidHillier My god Robson is insufferable. I’ve watched many games on mute just so I don’t have to hear him speak.


Inter about to be knocked out, Sevilla drawing with some Czech team.


Exactly. He had another, better option :wink:.


Name a better partnership than Rennes and offside flag :two_hearts:




Yeah as long as we’re willing to pay, those types of players will be receptive to moving here as long as there’s CL football on a consistent basis


At one point sure.

Has to make a move soon and why not us especially if we’re in the CL.


This is way closer than it should be and too close for comfort.


You could play circus music over the last few minutes


It’s a bit like touching cloth


Kolasinac booked for time wasting :facepalm:


We do it the hard way especially when Mustafi’s in the back line.



Who farted??

What the fuck is going on :joy::joy::joy:




Don’t know how we’ve done it, but looking like a clean sheet despite Mustafi trying his best.