Arsenal vs Norwich (PL)

Playing against an under 23 side and a team that’s destined for relegation.

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It’s still two games though lol

Okay but by the same token plenty slaughtered White on one game.
Personally I think people are going a bit overboard on Lokonga tbh.
Probably just the nature of social media platforms.
Personally just use your own eyes and gauging monitor mate.

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Rúnarsson only got one game :slight_smile:

Yeah, he’s done the bare minimum but you don’t prove your worth in those games.

I don’t have an issue with him put in ahead of Leno as the guy is clearly done here.


Ramsdale will make mistakes as the season goes on but it’s imperative he starts playing asap. He hasn’t been tested much if at all yet but he does look to have good command of his box and solid distribution. That to me is more positive for the future than watching Leno make wonder saves when the game is already dead.

Some people are saying that Arteta is planning to play Leno against Spurs but that feels like a backwards step.

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That’s why I never hyped up White… :wenger:

Did you expect something better from a 50m man?
I did

Did you expect less from a 25 million keeper

I won’t judge him till he play some real games, against some real teams; at least not hyping him up, or think he should be the sure starter

You can just tell there won’t be a lot of patience allotted towards White, Ramsdale, Tomiyasu and Sambi this season lol.


Nah I think some have gone very early on Lokonga in a Martenelli way.
Agree on the other 3 and Odegaard seems to be in the debit column already with some.


When we all know there is no prospect of having an exciting season or trophies, I wonder why people can’t take a little bit of excitement from the arrival of new players.
Their growth is only worthwhile thing to look forward in this season.

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Why should we take excitement in knowing that under our current incumbent, how great it would be that any of the above mentioned players, or even a great youth talent will shine, only for them to realise that under the current management, they have absolutely feck all chance of winning anything, so they then bugger off to bigger and better clubs…Cannot wait for Saka to be a HUGE success for City, ffs…

The only thing that can get me excited at the moment is waiting and praying for Arteta to be sacked…THEN, I will get excited…


When you are starved to death, shit is good.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have Ode, Sambi, Tomiyasu… looking forward to more improvement of Saka and ESR… should I be positive? Long way to go.

Excluding the Chelsea and City games, the games of Brentford and Norwich has shown not much worth to be positive, be honest.
Brentford game, multiple shit plays, and we were not even prepared for the season opener, mentality and physicality.
Norwich game, despite having new and “better” players, we just scraped a narrow 1-0 win.

Yeah, like some said here, we had a good start, we had a good bounce back.
Come on man, we have a much much superior team than Norwich, SUPPOSED TO WIN, and WIN BY A BIG MARGIN.
They don’t even have one single player that is good enough for our bench.
How far we have fallen to BE HAPPY that we we get a 1-0 against the GREAT NORWICH???

Do we have to lower our standard every season?

When you are starved to death, shit is good.

After a full year shit show by Arteta, and losing our first 3 games, then all out of a sudden we should be positive after getting a narrow win against Norwich, and not even want to wait for a few more games…


I think it depends on your perspective - taken in totality, we are still sh*t and nothing has really changed. If you evaluate that one performance for what it was without everything else, it was a decent performance and we showed more offensive fluency and solid defense as well - the xg stats back that up too. Having said that, it was against weak opposition and we were still very wasteful.

I still pretty much believe we will fall again and be facing crisis in November, hopefully leading to termination of the knuckleheads - and then we just have to hope beyond hope that the clueless owners actually hire correctly this time.


If we can have a few more games playing with confidence, and fluid attacks, my confidence and positivity will come back eventually.
Consistency is key as well, but I don’t remember how long we are lack of consistency.

Its been forever… i am not optimistic, but when evaluating a game I try to call it like I see it and not color too much with the overall club/squad situation.


We are consistently inconsistent. :grinning:

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Nah they’ll all be alright, except White. I’m not impressed at all with splashing 50m on a defender that looks average at defending. That’s the signing I can see being torn to shreds as the season goes on.