Arsenal Vs Norwich (PL)

Bellerin and Tierney are wingbacks. Same formation as Sunday

Would have liked to have seen Pepe start this one tbh


Nelson on the right. If Auba can move to the middle and Pepe to the left that would be great.

If Nelson had a decent midfield behind him and some attackers willing to exchange quick passes, he’d do some damage.

He seems absolutely perfect for Liverpool tbh. He’s got a lot of potential and it’s depressing to see how poor our build up play is. Strangles his quality badly.


Nelson could be a pretty amazing #10 as well in this modern game imo.

He has the ability to play central, he also did it for the youths iirc

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Win the game, fuckers.

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Saka signed da ting. Benched. :arteta:

He’s played every game post lockdown.

Understandably benched imo

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Big game tonight…looking at the league table and the fixtures even if we win this there isn’t much of a chance to catch Utd or Chelsea now, but do think that we could catch Leicester as they have a difficult run of fixtures and we play then next match…just a shame we lost against Brighton!

Hector with a rapist touch a few moments ago and then fucks up a relatively easy cut back…

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Poor decision making there.

Maybe it was just good defending by Norwich :woman_shrugging:

Should have taken a shot far corner

Auba! Close.

My biggest concern about the run in is we might end up qualifying for the fucking Europa League again. I’d rather be out of Europe altogether.


Think we’re gonna see a lot of Hector in this match. The Norwich left side is so open.

Buendia has no business at fucking Norwich…

Ceballos flick :yum:

Ceballos been decent so far, haven’t seen much of laca.