Arsenal Vs Norwich City (Carabao Cup Round 4)


Clearly Wenger didn’t bother with the game, but we managed to win it in the end so i am happy :slight_smile:


:grimacing: Surely that’s the 4th officials mistake?

We made only 2 subs in full time but apparently you only get the extra sub if you’ve used all 3 of your subs in normal time.



Fucking busy at work and the World series starts tonight (GO LA DODGERS WOO!!) so i didn’t have any time to see this. Anyone with some links to the goals? Sad I didn’t see it now cause Eddie sounds like a fucking boss.


look in Eddie’s thread posted them in there


Happy we survived, looks like having six youngsters on the pine did the job.


One thing’s for sure, I never want to see Elneny play CB again


When is the draw for the next round?


After the last two games tonight finish I reckon


A Question of Sport captains Matt Dawson and Phill Tuffnel will do the quarter final draw live on twitter after the matches tonight.


You just know it’s a massive competition when the draw is moved from TV to twitter.


Ha I’m sure Sky will show it on the tv aswell since they have the rights


Saw the bench last night and was worried

Didnt think we had anyone to impact the game if we were losing or needed a goal

Expected more from Walcott last night. Want him to turn things around and be a major force for us but i just cant see it happening

A win is a win though and nice for the youngsters to get another game in the next round