Arsenal Vs Norwich City (Carabao Cup Round 4)

Emirates Stadium
Tuesday 24 October 2017
Not on TV in the UK

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in extra time
  • Arsenal win on penalties
  • Norwich win in 90 minutes
  • Norwich win in extra time
  • Norwich win on penalties

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Have to find a shitty stream again, urgh

Play the same line we use in the Europa League.

Easy win.
Giroud to score more than once and possibly Walcott as well to keep his admirers happy.

Think we will win 2-0 or something like that, we will progress in this competition as long as our draw remains favourable.

Good chance of another trophy, could easily hit Norwich for 6, the B team is in good confidence after winning in Serbia

James Maddison masterclass incoming.

Who’s that Burg?

Norwich seem to be doing well under their new German manager. Can’t see this being a walk over.

2-1 Arsenal

Young Norwich midfielder, thought he looked good and quite similar to Wilshere when watching him in a Coventry game a while back.

Scored a derby winner today.

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Still early :hipster:. Don’t jinx it.

Norwich haven’t lost since August. If they play their best XI then I don’t see this being an easy match.

I’m going with 2-1 too. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we lost this.

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Another game of Nelson and AMN played out of position. Might have to skip this one just to save myself the futile, Luca-esque anger at Wenger.

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Not sure why Giroud is included. He’s out on the razz tonight.

Norwich at home a tough game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well considering we struggled when we last played them with our first 11 playing I would say us playing our backup team against a strong inform championship team will be a tough game

So basically the Europa League team. Good.

Rotten baguette :wink:

Didn’t ‘struggle’ if you look at the stats, just didn’t score enough. Our Europa League team has won in hostile stadiums so this should be easier

Wenger hinted at winning the cup with this B-team in his press-conference yesterday.
Wouldn’t mind winning it, as our record is shit here.

But he’s so comfortable on the ball, so quick, so good and can steal the ball too.

He can also play central midfield, but I must say that he’s close now to being a regular in the first team as well. I would be on my toes if I was a regular player in the Arsenal first team. His preferred position is central midfield and that’s where I believe he will end up.

Can’t wait to see him at wing back.