Arsenal Vs Norwich City (Carabao Cup Round 4)


Thats sounds like a carbon copy of what he said about Chamberlain


should beat them no problem with the kids tonight


C’mon Arsenal! Want to see a good win.


TV station?



Expected line-up.


Expected but I also expect them to clobber us


What I am now the most interested in with this game is how the Coq - Wilshere partnership will work in CM.

I know I’ve been yapping about it like a broken record for a long time now but I really want a change in central midfield and I want both Xhaka and Elneny out for now.

Coq and Wilshere were both once good, it would be delicious if they would find their jam again and form a great cm partnership. Sure the odds are low but they’re not nil :smiley:


Just wanna see tha yoof innit.


Coquelin and Maitland-Niles should clearly switch positions if Wenger insists on this horrid formation.


Joe Willock should be playing!


Going to have to score first for me. Need to take our chances too. Just win boys.


Strong Norwich team by the way. They’re going for it.


So boring :xhaka:

Have you ever predicted us to do well?


I’ll have you know I once predicted us to beat Fulham 5 and a half years ago.

We lost.


League cup games not on tv are such a pain to find a stream for so cba looking. Hope we do well and will follow it on twitter. #COYG


MDC open if anyone is arsed.

I’m not around to keep an eye so don’t call each other cunts please.




Saved by youth. At least we now know why we didn’t bother with Mbappe. Nketiah > Mbappe. Arsene knows :wenger2: