Arsenal Vs Newcastle United

Sunday 16 February 2020
The Emirates Stadium
Premier League Match 26
KO: 16:30
LIVE on Sky Sports Premier League

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Newcastle United win

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Where’s the not bothered option?


Our next games are against:

West ham

Of those teams, only Everton are above us, so we have to be looking at almost maximum points.
But I remember earlier in the season we had a similar run of games where we only won one of them and then we started sliding down the table.

If that happens again, we are going to slide into the relegation places.
We’d better win this or at the end of the season we are going to be nearer relegation than in the top six places.


This has to be the game Arteta been waiting for.
Newcastle have some very winnable fixtures coming up and think an early goal means they’ll sack it off.
Martenelli could do with a couple of goals and think he will. 3 0 that should give us something to enjoy a bit.


Feels like a run of games where we really need to start winning beginning with Newcastle or we could really be closer to the relegation zone than we are to the Top 4 at the end of the season.
A confidence boosting 5-1 win to set us up for the run in into the final third of the season. Auba hattrick, Martinelli and Pepe one each. And Laca to drop deep sometimes :joy:

He’s had two weeks (plus the other five weeks he’s already had) without any games interrupting his preparations. So we really need to see something in this game that’s more than a 30 minute flash of competence.


4-0. Auba hat-trick and a Bellerin wonder goal.

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These are games we should be winning. If we are to be taken serious again.

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Absolutely. I read somewhere that he hasn’t given up on the Top 4 and if he really means it, we have to start putting a winning run together now. Having said that, there is only so much he can achieve in 2 weeks. Doesn’t matter if we still only produce a 30 minute flash, as long as we score enough goals in those 30 minutes to win the game.

We’ll struggle to win half of those games. We’re still miles from where we need to be.

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Ever the pessemist I am but if we don’t win this then I give up on this notion that Arteta has improved us despite the results.

And no that’s not me writing him off already or calling for him out!


Arteta deserves a fair chance to build his own team in the summer. I hope he’s ruthless enough to get rid of some players, because I never again want to fear that losing against the likes of West Ham and Norwich is a big possibility.


I think we’ve beaten Newcastle at home in every game since the 10/11 season. But we’ve never been as bad as we are this season.

Like to think we edge it. Arsenal 1-0.

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Part of me thinks, if we’re going to have a shit season, why not compound our misery and get all these favourable monkeys off our back? Lose to Newcastle now while it’s not important lol.

(I’m a very superstitious football fan)

No way Jose.

Newcastle at home is just a fixture you win (Newcastle away as well mostly if you’re Arsenal).


Arteta has had the best part of 2 weeks to work on his tactics, drills etc.

Should mean this is a good performance and 3 points. Can’t be dealing with another fucking draw. Sick of that shit.


Yeah this break really should have given them a lot of time to really work on his foundation for the style he wants to play.

The whole team have been together for an extended period and it’s basically been a mini pre-season so I really am expecting them to come out with much better results now.

Obviously expectations are still low, but it will be very disappointing if they haven’t made the most of this time.

Unless they’ve just been going dune buggying and camel riding every fucking day.


Theyre obviously going to be shit.

I went to this fixture at Highbury in the mid eighties on a wet Tuesday evening and the only thing interesting about the game was, it was the lowest attendance that season about 17,000 but a few games later I went to a match against Man U and there were over 50,000 there.
I think we won 1-0 but it wasn’t a thriller.


The 5 3 game just after we signed Malcolm MacDonald was one of my favourite ever games as an Arsenal fan.
@DavidHillier starting his day on YouTube now.:grin:

Charlie George scored an excellent one in a big win on the run in for the title in 71 seen a few times.