Arsenal vs Newcastle (PL) 0-0

This game will be all about who wants it more. 3rd game in around 7 days for both teams so players will be a bit fatigued and so the old mental strength and speweet will play a big role in the outcome of the game.

This will be a test for sure but being a home game should help the team, as you know the fans will get right behind the team. If we just continue playing the way we have been, we’ll cause enough problems for Newcastle. I like the mentality of the team right now. Looking forward to how we approach this challenge.

Liked Newcastle as a club.
Hate what they’ll inevitably become.
Love to smash these cunts to fuck.

At home I back us to beat anybody and everybody.

Let’s send Almiron aka Gollum into the fires of Mount Doom, the bastard


What does this even mean? Since Theo said Palace wanted it more all those years ago, this line gets trotted out all the time.

Not dropped a single point at home this season. Guess it must be all those easy fixtures we’ve had against the National League South teams.

Thought I explained what that meant.

Not really. I don’t think the winner of this match will come down to who wants it more. It’ll be about who is better.

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You say I didn’t explain it but then go on to say it will come down to “who is better” and not who “wants it more”. So sounds like you understand what I mean, and don’t agree, which is fine, cause that’s your opinion.

Just to reiterate, I think the fatigue factor will probably make this game more of a mental battle than one decided by quality. And yes, the mental part matters in all games but it matters more when the body isn’t willing.

It’s very inconsiderate of them to schedule this at the same time as the darts final to be honest.

How am I supposed to watch both and type on here too.

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The difference between this game and the match last season is Thomas Partey. We win.

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Crazy that this game is just 2 days away.

Newcastle’s momentum was slowed down by Leeds yesterday. That’s great timing for us, they now come to the most difficult ground in the league this season without the same complete confidence of maybe a week before.

Glad we got the points against Brighton and were able to give mini-rests to Zinchenko and White (both off at 60 mins), with Partey also being taken off at the 74th minute.

The only player I worry about fatigue slightly is Saka but his performances have been solid.

I expect another blistering start from us and hopefully we get early goals. Will be a real test though as Newcastle are excellent defensively this season.


These barcode wankers have a long arse journey to London and have just dropped points. We have a markedly shorter journey and will be playing in a stadium where we haven’t lost a league game all season.

Very confident.

I’d imagine they fly down tbh.

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lol it’s one of the most common sporting cliches around, I don’t think it started with Theo Walcott :joy:

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Even a domestic flight is faff. Yes the flight might be less than an hour but the process is probably a few.

Either way, it’s a, disadvantage to them.

Yep, I checked. One hour and twenty minutes just for the flight and to my knowledge there is no landing space at The Emirates.

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Yeah but I am young and stuff. You’re supposed to just agree

Parachute in maybe in their kit. Fair play on the research though.


Short version: wanting it more

Long version: winning every 50/50, every duel, first to every second ball or loose ball, stronger in the tackle, committing more players forward, commit more fouls but get away with it because Arsenal, PASHUN, SCREAMING

Basically what every team did when we were pussios

It’s an advantage for us and I think we will win. Let me keep this energy!!!

It’s been years since I’ve been so confident about an Arsenal team.


Yep, a big win incoming. I can feel it.