Arsenal Vs Manchester United (FA Cup 4th Round)

Friday 25 January
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:55

  • Arsenal win
  • Manchester United win
  • Replay

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I hope we win it now. I was kinda in the camp of “meh, even if we win, we’ll only end up playing Man City or Spurs and then losing.”

However, a win would be a real shot in the arm for us and could derail Manchester United just enough to keep them out of the top 4 picture for a few gameweeks at least. (Although their next home game after us is a home banker against Burnley #facepalm)

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They’re a sleeker, sharper prospect than Chelsea right now, I think it might end up going to a replay. It’s a great chance to get the psychological edge for whoever wins it, if we could knock them off their stride

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Should be a good game this. Going to say we edge a classic 3 2.

Is this the first time we’re EVER playing them on a Friday?

Anorak fact coming up here mate. We played them at Anfield in a league game in 1971. I know because me dad took me.
I know we lost but dont remember much but know George Best played. It was on a Friday night early in the season.
Sorry you asked now.:thinking:

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Was that in the double winning season? Or the season after? Interesting we didn’t play at the Swamp! There’s no way Man United would be allowed to play at Anfield now, haha.

There was another game we played at Anfield on a Friday, wasn’t there? :wink:

I tipped the replay on the poll, I don’t think we’ll lose this one, we may edge it but I was trigger happy my prediction when I selected replay.

You can change your vote on the polls on here if you’re bothered :+1:

My head thinks we’re gonna lose but my heart says Arsenal haha. Gonna be an interesting game

Need to end their unbeaten run because they have become so cocky for just few wins. The problem is that we don’t have any decent RB available for this one.

No replay because we are gonna lose away. Need to win this at home.


We should have enough to destroy United on the counter

3-2 win to arsenal

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Would love it if we beat them. Their fans are so cocky beating relegation teams, yes they beat Spurs aswell but having De Gea in that form is basically cheating

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Don’t really care much about this game. That said, we should be beating them here.

You don’t care about the FA Cup? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fancy Lca to score again.

Do you want to lose our F.A. record? (most cups won)

Don’t really want to lose the record, if you put it like that, but I’d rather we focus more on the league and Europa.

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Yeah I’d much rather a Europa win aswell but as long as we’re in this I want to win it. Can’t beat being in FA Cup final day in May!

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