Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)

  • Arsenal Win
  • Draw
  • Manchester City Win

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I know it will be hard for many fans to get excited for the match this weekend, and the forum has been veeery quiet recently, but seeing as the weekend is almost upon us we need a Matchday thread. Will the slide continue? Will we smash Peps’ men? I think it’ll be a low scoring draw or a loss, but hey maybe our boys will finally remember how to play together.


I think we’ll have patches of good football, but still end up on the losing side.


There will be goals… neither team inspiring supreme confidence… I reckon 2-2 that helps neither.


Well smash em for 10 minutes or so… We wont score then we will lose all dicipline get caught on the break and lose… Or maybe we wont.


Easiest win of Manchester City’s season since the last time they played us.


This has got Arsenal win followed by Wenger contract announcement written all over it :hipster:

Our away form is pretty shocking but at home we’ve only lost two! Our attack should be able to get through a defence of Sagna, Stones, Otamendi and Clichy! Just need to stop them getting through ours. Simples.


5-4 to us should be ok :giroud:.

I’m pretty confident we are getting a result here. We always come good against City.


Agree 100%.



This season they outplayed us more than probably any other team has (yes I am aware we were shafted 5-1 twice) and our defence is nowhere near as confident as it was back then so I’m expecting more of the same for about 60 minutes.


If we just hold out until the 70 minute subs we might snatch a late winner.


Will be goals in the game and City will edge it.


its basically just a trial for Alexis isnt it


What? We dominated them in the first half in december.


We find ways to make completely incompetent teams and players look like world beaters. All logic points to us being able to score on these bads city have in defense but they’ll play us off the pitch. We’ll lose 3 - 1 or if we get lucky maybe a 1 - 1 draw. The Arsenal of a couple years ago would make me think we’d win and Wenger would extend his deal, however we’ve reached an all new low in recent times.


And were completely dominated for about 35 minutes in the second. I don’t know how we only lost 2-1.


not looking forward to this at all, got a really bad feeling that we will lose by at least a 2 goal margin, got a horrible feeling about this game :frowning: mind you with how we are performing i think i would have this feeling if we were playing sutton again.


I’ll be away on a stag do so I’ll be missing this spanking thankfully


Snap. Away on a stag too :metal:


More down to us than them being good.


Where you off to?