Arsenal vs Man Utd (PL) 3-2

I’d trust Arteta more than later stages Wenger though. That was never a contest. This is

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I know it’s an unpopular stance but I hate United a fair bit more than I hate Spurs and being at the game at the emirates when we beat them 3-1 last season is one of my best arsenal memories ever.

I hope we spank them and put the cunts in their place and really cement our title challenge. The pundits and media will have to take us seriously then!


They won’t. We still have to play City twice.


I find it bizarre so many people seem to think those games are six points for City given the form of both teams.


A win for both us and spurs means we go eleven points clear at the top and around twenty points ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea.
We’ll also be on course for almost hundred points.

When was the last season that happened?

I hate playing against them atm, I’d rather play against City.

I’m sure we will dominate them and be the better team, but they are so dangerous on the break and the can kill you with a couple of passes as they did against City and against us at the start of the season. They just don’t need much to get a result.

We’ll just need to be extemely well defensively to close their counters but we’ll have to be more efficient up front than usual if we want to make things a bit easier for ourselves and not to be in a position where we have to attack all the time (so we could counter them) like we did in the first game.
Expecting good things from Eddie in this game.


Very confident for this one.

We’re at home. Place will be absolutely buzzing. I don’t think Man Utd will handle it.


Aye, even Newcastle had to channel their inner Stoke just to get a point.

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A win knocks them out of the title race and puts us up only against a shaky City.

Massive match.

It would be absolutely intolerable if these cunts somehow pipped is to the title this season. I want them buried.


Have to beat these lot, we owe them that. They were lucky to get a win against City and I hope that win has got them buying into their bullshit of being a team that’s going places.

They are one dimensional in their attacking play, relying purely on playing on the counter. Their defense looks more organized but our attack is multi-dimensional. I half want us to throw a curveball at Ten Hag by sitting back, letting them have the ball and then hitting them on the counter. Basically do the opposite of what they’ll expect us to do.


Im finding myself getting more and more nervous and negative about each game that comes up.
I wasnt convinced we would get a result yesterday and feel the same about Sunday.

I dont like us being favourites, I think we are better as underdogs and surprise people with what we can do. At the moment everyone is expecting us to play well and win every game.


Worried not Worried

Oh I’ll be worried on Sunday, don’t worry.


In this match can somebody sneaky kick Antony up in the air a few times…thank you very much.

Eriksen and McTominay pivot against our midfield at the carpet? Damn.



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please do me a favor, lads.
please shag United hard and cum a huge load on Neville’s face so that he can stop talking about Arsenal


He’s been good with us, no?

Not bad

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 20-45-31 Anthony Taylor - Record by matches of Arsenal FC

What lol