Arsenal vs Man Utd (PL) 3-2

Arsenal vs Man Utd

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:spiral_calendar: Sunday 2023-01-22T16:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Man Utd win

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Another HUGE game. Will we take all points? Share your predictions and line-ups below :point_down:

Big plus that players have avoided their 5th yellow going in to this.

A whole week to recover and united have to travel to London twice in that time. Palace really need to put in a performance too and can see united having a tough time of it.

We win. No doubt about it in my mind at all.



Can’t wait but bricking at the same time


Always confident at home. 3-1.

I really hope we do the mouthy cunts. All my mates have found their cunty voices all of a sudden.


1-0 to the Arsenal

I shall be going to this one. And I didn’t pay 500 quid for my ticket. Neither did anyone else :grinning:


Honestly, I almost want to win this one more than the NLD. Fucking hate these cunts and want to see them come unstuck after non-stop media masturbation over their win streak which is 33% made up of teams not even in the PL.

Let’s do these cunts in!


Huge game in the context of the season.

Thankfully it’s at home as I think that’ll give us the edge

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I’ll go with us to edge a hard fought 2-1.

I count down the days till every arsenal match now.

For years it was just routine now its proper excitement. This is the best arsenal team I have watched in my adult lifetime. After a match ends I enjoy it for a few hours then I want the next one.

What a time to be an arsenal fan


How time flies…only last season i was counting down the matches just so the season would end.

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You know you’re enjoying a season when you watch the post game and then sit patiently to watch match of the day, only so you can appreciate them subtly down playing us every week.


I watch it back on motd so I can enjoy it stress free :rofl:

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The weird part about tonight was that the entire 90 minutes were so easy there wasn’t even that moment where you have Kane scoring a penalty and you shat yourself during the live play.

Like everything was so fucking easy. Watching the replay tonight felt like relaxation music, nearly went to sleep in the second half when Spurs became a toothless, jaded mess.

I don’t even know what life is watching an arsenal team without fear, anxiety and stress.

I need to see this in the CL


My heart skipped a beat when Hojberg did that dive. For a moment I thought Craig Pawson pointed to the spot.


The commentators were barracking for him to.

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This is the biggest Arsenal-United game since I’d say probably 04-05 season.

Can’t think of a bigger fixture between the two teams in terms of the stakes, the quality of the teams and their run of form going into the game.


07/08 I reckon.


Must win game,got immense hatred for this lot, I’m hopeful they got their customary ref push against City, FA can’t afford another blunder in two highly followed fixtures consecutively.

Let’s smash’em.