Arsenal vs Man Utd (PL) 3-1

Arsenal vs Manchester United

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:spiral_calendar: Sunday 2023-09-03T15:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Man Utd win

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I’d expect a result but this has game raising United cunts written all over it.

Can you tell I’ve been conditioned by Arsenal to think this way yet? :sweat_smile:

Having said that, trying to get a ticket for this, but proving hugely difficult.


I don’t think ManU are very good and that midfield especially looks easy to dominate but based on yesterday I think we’re still undercooked in this formation and I think Arteta is going to insist on playing this formation for the foreseeable future. I can see us giving up plenty of chances to then on the counter assuming they come to not play football.

United have the tools to make this a difficult game. I think we’ve seen a glimpse of how they’ll want to play against Arsenal in pre-season. Those quick attacks they specialise in will make things tricky.

Arsenal have already shown they’re quite fallible defensively. And I’m unsure how they’ll be able to correct it.

One thing that should be correctable is the starts to the game.

Lastly, don’t play Partey at right-back!

Ffs not me inviting my cousins and friends to my house to watch this one. They are all Manchester United fans.

Also strong feeling Raya will start this one.

This has got high scoring draw written all over it.
I’ll go 4-4 with Odegaard, Saka, Rice and Martinelli to score.

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Reverting to our typical backline and adding Jesus up top is a decent start.

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We’re not playing our best right now, but Utd are shit.

1-0 to The Arsenal.

If we go with that same defence, then I can’t see us getting anything from this game.

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If Partey’s playing RB again, Gabriel and Zinny both missing and Havertz in the #8; we’re losing this game by at least 2 goals.

Hopefully that’s not the case.

Interested to see if Arteta reverts back to our shape from last season for this one. The system we have been playing to start the season has the potential to get severely cooked by United who play bottom half style football with a Champions League budget.

I love nothing more than beating United so doing these cunts in would be very much appreciated, as always.


Arteta is too stubborn. He’ll try to do the same against Man Utd as he did against Fulham.

give these guys a battering

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The species that survives is that which adapts. So come on Mikel, you know what to do - so fucking do it!

What we should play is : Ramsdale // (L to R) Zinchenko/Saliba/Gabriel/White // Rice / Partey / Odegaard // Martinelli / Jesus / Saka

Yes, it’s predictable but we’ll eat their midfield alive our three plus Zinchekno pushing in.

What Arteta will most likely play is: Ramsdale // Kiwior/Saliba/White/Partey // Havertz / Partey / Odegaard // Martinelli / Jesus / Saka

The more I think about this formation, the more I fucking hate it. I don’t want Saliba out on an island having to cover all that space by himself, I don’t want to lose White overlapping and giving ManU’s left winger something to think about. I don’t think you can play Partey and Zinchenko (even if he’s 100% fit) and Arteta seems wedded to Partey at RB which means it’ll be Kiwior at LB which means zero connection in that left pod (Kiwior, Havertz, Martinelli). Maybe we’ll see a more dynamic Havertz with Jesus dropping in differently than Eddie did but overall I just don’t think this formation is cooked and as @Bavin points out, this formation will get ripped up on the counter which is the only successful way EtH has been able to play while United coach.

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Same formation as last season, no experimenting, no shoehorning Havertz, Gabriel back in the starting line up please, and we should be beating this hateful lot.

I’d like to see this too, I think it’s the most balanced team we can play atm.
I’d like to see Partey at the base of the midfield back again, not havig to see him hanging on that right flank. With Zinchenko jonining him in the midddle. Zinchenko is the most comforable and the most equipped out of all our players in the squad to play that full back/CM role and he should be doing that, not Partey.

Rice goes a bit forward, but he can still help the middle a lot, and still be dangerous with his forward runs (just like Xhaka if not better). He can be very useful in this role.
Havertz plays too high and too much like a striker when we have him in this role. Rice, as a 8, would make us more compact in the middle.

Btw, I doubt Jesus is ready to start. I think Eddie starts up front (or maybe even Havertz, but I’d go with Eddie).

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Rice can also step back into the 6, Odegaard can rotate left and Partey can push up into the space where he’d be if he was playing inverted RB. He could still be in that space during points of the match and we could still have a somewhat normal backline plus Zinchenko inverting (with Rice dropping) at times, plus White’s overlaps and synergy with Saka. It’s seems reductive to pin this all on Havertz but taking him out of the lineup seems like a no brainer to me. (Hopefully this just means he’ll start and score a hattrick.)

White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
Odegaard Partey Rice
Saka Havertz Martinelli

Want Havertz to destory Martinez in the air.


Another game against an overhyped (mostly by their fans and some in the media) United team, at home, and I’d like to see us win this with a measure of control and domination cause we are better than them.

I’d take 3 points no matter how they come obviously but I’d be annoyed if it’s a last minute goal that wins us the game. I’d hate it if we dominate the game but still find ourselves level with United for the most part. It’s time we humble United.

As for Arteta and his tinkering, we cannot afford to drop points to a direct top 4 rival so I hope he plays the formation that he’s most confident in. It would make sense to play the same formation & players we played for most of last season which has some good partnerships (Saliba & Gabriel, White & Saka, Zincheko & Martinelli).

Hopefully we put in a proper performance in this one, we haven’t had one so far this season.